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New lab freezers launched

Haier Biomedical introduces new ULT freezers for labs

Pharma vials portfolio expands

SGD Pharma extends its ready-to-use glass vials

Benchtop automation solution

New tool for automated sample prep for chromatography

Advanced antibody development

Expediting antibody-based drug discovery via services and expertise

Electronic pipette case study

Unlocking hope for mitochondrial disorders

Anti-idiotypic antibodies

Bio-Rad extends product range for use in drug Development

Neuroplasticity services launched

Cellectricon expands neuroscience contract research portfolio

Hot start isothermal mixes

Boosting sensitivity, specificity and speed of DNA target detection

Dual detector

New tool for demanding GPC/SEC applications

ATEX cooling products

Fridges and freezers designed for improved lab safety

Two new thermal cyclers

Superior thermal performance and enhanced usability for PCR applications

Next-gen gas analyser

Streamlined solution launched by mass spectrometer expert

Small but powerful GC

Making more space for high-performance analyses

New life sciences platform

Intuitive DMS to accelerate speed-to-market

High-quality enzymes

Suitable for pre-clinical and process development in mRNA vaccine and therapeutics

Infrared microscope launched

Maximised automation significantly improves defect analysis efficiency

AI-powered autosampler

All-in-one autosampler for GC and GC-MS applications

Real-time flowmeters

Extended range of liquid flowmeters from Biotech Fluidics

Showcasing new LIMS functionality

LIMS developments on display at Lab Innovations

Engineered antibodies

Creative Biolabs introduces products for advances in biomedical research


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