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New microplate sealer

Entry-level semi automatic microplate sealer from Porvair Sciences

Medical manufacturing case study

Croom Precision Medical enhances cleanliness with new MecWash installation

New tablet coater

Automatic adjustment of batch sizes from 10 to 100%

Broad range of tissue block

Normal and disease-state FFPE tissue blocks

Combination microplate product

Porvair Sciences has expanded its range of microplate products

Sample tube rack breakthrough

AI facilitates detection of empty wells in tube racks

New rack thawing station

Controlled multi rack sample thawing can increase sample processing

New microscope mode

Cleanliness inspection system can now be used as a digital microscope

Science park safety

Simon Hopwood explores gas safety in science park environments

High-shear granulation

The optimal application for especially compact granules

Safe, sterile and protected

The technologies keeping medical environments safe and protected from VOC exposure

Liquid pharma packaging tools

Pharmaceutical manufacturers can easily add serialisation and aggregation for bottles and vials

New Jo-1 human chimeric antibody

BBI Solutions launches first chimeric Jo-1 HumAb IgG

Keeping cleanrooms clean

How tacky mats can keep lab and cleanrooms free from dirt

Covid-19 testing workflow solutions

Broad range of manual and automated lab solutions from Gilson

Clinical metabolomics centre of excellence

Centre will develop new technologies and reproducible analytical techniques

Molecular diagnostics success story

A microbiologist view with Gemma Vanstone, the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Custom lentivectors case study

Using lentivectors to label organoids

Improving sample storage

High-density rack to increase automated sample storage capacity

LRMS launched

Optima releases latest Laboratory Resource Management System


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