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New cleanroom certification

LPS Industries announces certification with advanced cleanroom equipment

Roller compaction

A universal process: fields of application

New vertical positioning system introduced

PI now offers a magnetic direct drive-based solution for numerous applications

Parallel photoreactor case study

Photosynthesis of chiral building blocks for drug discovery

New gDNA removal columns

Rapid removal of gDNA from RNA samples

Freeze dryers for diagnostics production

SP delivers world’s largest installation of commercial freeze dryers

Dealing with flammable chemicals

Nancy Westcott details how specialised transfer systems spelled out in SDS Guidelines support safety

New cell transfection method

Lonza launches next-generation 4D-Nucleofector platform

Streamline cannabinoid analyses

Restek’s new nine-component cannabinoid mix streamlines analyses

New segment cleaning solutions

I Holland launches new segment cleaning equipment

Automated incubators and storage systems

Improved sample safety and faster plate access for large-capacity microplate incubation applications

Tip top tableting

Maintain tooling to maximise tablet production, advises Andy Dumelow

High recovery of total RNA

New kits for recovery of top-quality purified RNA

New 3D bioprinter

3D printing with living cells for bioappplications

Secure sample tracking

OEM instruments for better sample management

New GPC/SEC system

Solution designed for macromolecule characterisation

Pharmaceutical product protection

Recent innovations help maximise oxygen protection

New range of AAV reference materials

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) reference materials from AMS Bio

Covid-19 fuels innovation in diagnostics

Development of novel direct amplification reagents and protocols

Processor improves vaccine development

Microfluidizer improves vaccine adjuvant and therapeutics manufacturing


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