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Portable particle counter

Rapid microbial monitoring system for airborne microbes

Peak proteomics productivity

How pipettes aid work at Emory University School of Medicine

Complete line of screw cap carriers

Versatile and automation-friendly range launched

Advancing high-contrast imaging

New software supports features including optical sectioning device

First of its kind study of single protein

New research paves way to improving understanding of disease

Advancing production of RNA

Exothera and Quantoom Biosciences announce strategic partnership

Ready-to-use reagents kits

Reagents to support pre-clinical immunogenicity assessment

'Gene scissors' work against viruses

Scientists show that CRISPR-Cas9 can also be used to inhibit viruses

Strategic alliance for pathology workflows

Enabling clinical effectiveness via integrated digital pathology solution

Faster diagnostics software

Qlucore's updated software speeds up test results

New electroporation system

Enabling more efficient cell transfection

Sample management solution

RFID tagging technology aids cryogenic sample management

Automated recapper introduced

New tool for larger tube sizes

Certified tubing solutions

Regulatory compliant flexible plastic tubing

XL plate freezer

New solution for microbial fermentation

New chilling incubators

Stackable solutions ideal for protein crystallography

Experts join forces

Two innovators aim to transform precision oncology workflows

Reagent certification achieved

Helping prepare labs for IVDR legislation

Mycobacteria and fungi IVD solutions

Bruker introduces new range of products at industry event

New app launched

Ensuring the accuracy of reagent dispensing pumps


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