ATEX cooling products

Labcold will be unveiling a new range of ATEX fridges and freezers to complement its existing range of laboratory cooling products at this year’s Lab Innovations.

The Labcold laboratory range includes sample and reagent refrigeration, large advanced refrigerators and freezers with stainless steel interiors, blood banks, plasma freezers and platelet incubators and agitators, ultra low temperature freezers, including under bench models, ice makers and cooled incubators, plus its sparkfree range of refrigerators and freezers.

However, for some of its customers it became clear that sparkfree cabinets, that is fridges and freezers where all sources of ignition are removed from the inside of the cabinet, were not enough to meet their stringent safety regulations. With this in mind and the fact that fire is an all too common and potentially devastating laboratory hazard, Labcold developed an ATEX range to cater for those customers with more exacting requirements.
The new range of refrigerators and freezers has been designed to go beyond the safety provided by the sparkfree models with an interior which is licensed as a Zone 2 hazardous area under 2014/34/EU (ATEX Directive) in order to store products which are classed in explosion group IIB+H2and temperature class T6 under 2014/34/EU (ATEX Directive).

Like the Labcold sparkfree range, the ATEX range comprises of refrigerators with 66 litre, 150 litre and 400 litre capacity and the freezers are available with capacities of 66 litre, 124 litre and 406 litre. All are fitted with an external digital temperature display and the controller has a high and low temperature and door open audible and visual alarm.

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