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Online GPC/SEC training presentations

Testa Analytical Solutions has published the first in a new series of online training presentations for scientists involved with, or interested in learning more about, Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC).

CytoSMART to donate 100 live-cell imaging systems to assist COVID-19 researchers

CytoSMART Technologies is to donate 100 mini live-cell imaging systems to researchers in high containment labs worldwide.

Life-saving breathing aid

Collaborative effort delivers life-saving breathing aid known as a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

Consortium launched to develop new antibody tests

BBI Solutions has been announced as part of a consortium of the UK’s top Diagnostic companies to rapidly develop and rollout millions of coronavirus tests.

New enterprise-level chromatography data system software

Thermo Scientific Chromeleon 7.3 Chromatography Data System (CDS) software reduces administrative costs and improves laboratory productivity and regulatory compliance

Powerful vacuum pumps for mass spectrometer systems

Pfeiffer Vacuum showcases Hena 50 and Hena 70 powerful vacuum pumps for mass spectrometer systems

Collaboration to develop coronavirus multiplex serological assay

Sino Biological announces a co-development agreement with Nanommune, a California based biotechnology company specializing in the development and application of multiplex array technology

Next-generation microscopy image analysis with deep-learning technology

Olympus cellSens imaging software improves the efficiency of research with accurate object detection and segmentation

Electronic pipette range to simplify Cancer Institute workflows

Integra is assisting leukemia research at the Cancer Institute

Enhanced digital strategy increases lab efficiencies and productivity

Agilent introduces CrossLab Connect Services for lab-wide asset monitoring

COVID-19 Research Products

AMSBIO announce the availability of recombinant proteins and antibodies for detection of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and related RNA viruses

Cell muscle movements visualised for first time

Study from University of Warwick reveals dynamics of the protein assemblies that make up cellular ‘muscles’

Translocation and partial tandem duplication detection

OGT delivers translocation and partial tandem duplication detection with updates to SureSeq NGS portfolio

New veterinary LIMS case study

Autoscribe Informatics has just released a new case study in conjunction with the Irish Equine Centre

The impact of water content in pharmaceuticals

Water content poses a risk to both medicines and patients, as several pharmaceutical products have a sensitivity to moisture

The impact of sea animals on viruses

A study by Jennifer Walsh has discovered that sea animals can eliminate water viruses

The use of cleanrooms in the food manufacturing industry

With the health of millions depending on the food industry maintaining high levels of cleanliness, food companies are looking to cleanrooms to enable the highest hygiene standards

What is a cleanroom?

Cleanrooms focus on several factors to create an environment that is free of contaminants. This is achieved by monitoring and maintaining:

COVID-19 genome sequencing

COG-UK are working to deliver COVID-19 sequencing and will share this intelligence with regional NHS centres, hospitals and the government

Transfer solution for biomanufacturing project

Ritedose selects ChargePoint Technology’s transfer solution for biomanufacturing project


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