New microfluidic system

Refeyn, a leader in mass photometry technology, has unveiled its latest innovation, the MassFluidix High Concentration (HC) microfluidic system, which extends the analytical strength of mass photometry to high-concentration protein samples.

Compatible with its TwoMP mass photometers, the MassFluidix HC enables accurate measurement of low-affinity biomolecular interactions through rapid dilution, such that the interaction state at micromolar concentrations is captured before their equilibrium is disrupted. Researchers can now analyse samples with concentrations of up to 90 µM, a 100-fold increase on previous capabilities. This approach builds on the speed and simplicity already offered by mass photometry, and opens up new applications, such as the study of low-affinity protein-protein interactions, transient binding, and oligomerisation, all label-free, in solution, and at the single-molecule level.
Designed for easy and intuitive operation, the MassFluidix HC system provides precise and rapid dilution of up to 10,000-fold in milliseconds, facilitating the detection of low-affinity complexes that have not previously been observed. The system consists of two parts: the microfluidics device and a consumable chip for immediate analysis allowing the sample to reach the observation window within <50 ms of the beginning of the dilution process.

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