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Custom lentivectors case study

Using lentivectors to label organoids

Improving sample storage

High-density rack to increase automated sample storage capacity

LRMS launched

Optima releases latest Laboratory Resource Management System

The Benefits of Automated Sample Preparation

Multipurpose laboratories require multipurpose automation solutions, explains Timon Bussinger

Virus Assays on Microplate Readers

Martin Mangold discusses improving efficiency and decreasing costs

Fast, reliable Covid-19 antibody assay

Automated microarray rapid test for detecting SARS-CoV-2 antibodies

New hot plate

Programmable five-position stirring hot plate launched

Investigating Graphene’s Functional Properties

Ilka M. Hermes & Simonas Krotkus on correlating graphene’s functional properties via AFM

How to Choose the Perfect Pipette For Your Laboratory

Kathrin Friedrich offers guidance on how to make the right choice for your application

Complete LC portfolio

Agilent completes the InfinityLab Bio LC portfolio

Cleanroom clothing collaboration

DuPont, THI and VWR join forces to offer sterility assurance

Chemistry lab goes green

Devastating water leak drives move to improve sustainability

The problem with biospecimen procurement

How can biospecimen provenance be improved?

All-in-one solution

Blending, sieving, granulation and tableting in one system

How is AI is Advancing Clinical Diagnostics Faster Than Humanly Possible

Youngsahng Suh explains how AI is advancing the field of clinical diagnostics

New Era in Neurosurgery with Augmented Reality

Dr Robert Ibe discusses augmented reality in operating microscopes for neurosurgical interventions

Superior Sample Transport For Category B Samples

Sue Fletcher explains how to ensure that your biological samples are packaged correctly

New lab refrigerators

Safe, sustainable storage of research and clinical materials

Reducing chemotherapy side-effects

Singapore-UK team to develop a novel device to reduce chemotherapy side-effects

Pharmaceutical Particle Analysis with Correlative Raman Microscopy

Damon Strom explores comprehensive particle analysis with correlative Raman microscopy


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