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Dual-cap tube

New sample collection tube for genetic testing workflows

New sequencing systems programme

Expanding access to PacBio’s sequencing systems

Spectrometer software

New version of software for Mini-Spectrometers

Essential analytical equipment

Delivering dynamic size measurements in real time

HPLC column oven

New addition to Torrey Pines Scientific's portfolio

Developing bone regeneration therapy

Novel non-viral gene delivery platform to help advance tissue repair following orthopaedic surgery

Updated batch record solution

Lonza module for enhanced electronic batch record execution

Breast cancer research development

Custom monoclonal antibody reveals promising HER2+ breast cancer target

Automated protein footprinting

GenNext unveils new HRPF system

Automated DNA extraction solution

Yourgene Health launches extraction instrument and kit

Clever connections

Reliable solutions for UHPLC instruments

Progress in IVF

Leading the way to better fertility outcomes

Dye range expands

Bio-Rad launches first StarBright Red dye

New chromosomal microarray

Two-day turnaround time to increase lab productivity

New HPLC column

Chilling/heating column from Torrey Pines Scientific

Minimising sample contamination

Externally threaded storage tubes maintain high sample integrity

Lab-on-chip technology

Chip tech used for screening live tumour

New GSM chip reactor blocks

Enhancing flow chemistry reproducibility

Integrated bioreactor system

Sartorius and Repligen launch solution for upstream process intensification

Peptide purification kit

New automated kit overcomes major bottleneck in peptide production


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