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Organoid immune co-culture models for cancer research

Providing valuable models for precision medicine, accelerating new breakthroughs in cancer therapy

Turning to tunable lasers

Technological advances have meant that many modern research labs are turning to tunable lasers

How to get a deeper understanding of a compound’s structure

How one product delivers a deeper understanding of the physical structure of a compound than traditional GPC/SEC characterisation

An advanced technology improving protein-protein interactions

Dr Barry Whyte discusses how microplate readers could help accelerate drug discovery and development

Fluid dispensing explained

This article explores a range of dispensing techniques that can lead to better process control in the biosciences

Engage staff to meet green credentials

Tips for reducing plastic use in laboratories

Bespoke software allows users to access AI insights

A new company aims to simplify the relationship between AI and drug developers in a bid to reduce complexity and cost, Nicola Brittain reports

Exploring the role of micro molding in biomedicine

The technique facilitates the miniaturisation of devices

Boosting narrow bore column performance

The benefits of high-efficiency, narrow-bore columns can only be fully realised when sample introduction is also optimised. Dr Mark Badger explores a novel way to improve chromatography and reproducibility

How topography can help with medical device effectiveness

An exploration of the way 3D printing is driving innovation in healthcare and life sciences

How an innovative new technology is speeding up drug development

Organ-on-a-chip technology helps bridge the gap between animal and human models in drug development.

UK lab opening expands reach of biotech giant

The lab will provide next generation sequencing to the scientific community

Flowmeter approved by Chinese metrology institute

The HPLC flowmeter is a modern alternative to the traditional flow calibration method

Life-science professionals raise concerns about AI

A recent survey found that issues include data integrity and interoperability

Launch of 3D product using short collagen fibres

To help retain shape and durability of cellular constructs

High speed camera chosen by university researchers

The camera helps with materials testing under high-impact loading

New reagent kits to empower cell therapy development

Biotechnology specialist Applied Cells has launched its Mars Ingenuity Reagent kits for fast and easy cell isolation. This product line features both RUO and GMP-grade reagents, and has been specifically optimised for use on Applied Cells’ proprietary Mars Bar platform.

The platform provides in-flow Immunomagnetic cell isolation technology. The system offers positive and negative cell selection workflows, ensuring the separation of target cell subpopulations with purity, recovery, and viability.

FDA-approved drug targets tissue factor in cervical cancer

  On April 29th, 2024, the FDA in the US granted full approval for  biotechnology company Seagen Inc.'s Tivdak (tisotumab vedotin) product, targeting tissue factor (TF) for the treatment of patients with recurrent or metastatic cervical cancer who have progressed on or after chemotherapy.

New batch photoreactor will scale up reactions

Designed for scientists creating batch photochemistry reactions

Patient AI-drive trial accelerator launched

The product will unlock a patient-centric approach to trial design


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