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Optical module enhances high-speed camera alignment

While enabling easy adjustment of the port on both axis

Lab gloves tested against 29 common chemicals

The product is the most protective in the portfolio

PACE and UKHSA partner to help antimicrobial R&D

PACE is focused on connecting the AMR ecosystem

Nuclear stain range expanded

Range provides enhanced multiplexing for microscopy and flow cytometry applications

Immuno-Oncology: A novel frontier in cancer treatment

This article explores new techniques in the field

Considerations when choosing a LIMS infrastructure

A recent webinar aimed to help engineers choose the right LIMS solution

Chromotography tool will streamline ion analysis

While expanding testing capabilities for small polar compounds

Sticky mat frame launched

To assist with contamination control in cleanrooms

LED ring to streamline microscopy workflow

Shadow-free illumination provides consistent lighting

Nanofibre bandages speed healing

Lawsone captured on cotton pad

Tube reader promises rapid results

Sets the benchmark for reading of sample tubes

Leading stem cell solution expanded

New product will facilitate cutting-edge stem cell research

Clinical test to diagnose sensory disorders

Whole-genome sequencing test will better diagnose patients

Genomics research lab to open in Oxford

Azenta opens new multiomics and synthesis solutions laboratory

AI trial accelerator hits 100 million patient milestone

Data will help sponsors plan trials and simulate development activity

New range of tubular vials launched

Vials featuring Corning's coating technology expected to enhance patient safety

Low temperature freezer launched

Mobile battery powered solution provides safe storage down to -86 °C

Overview: Developments in humanised antibody techniques

Techniques will help researchers and pharmaceutical companies develop new drugs

FDA approves new CAR T-Cell therapy production process

Turnaround time in US - from leukapheresis to product release - likely to be reduced

Research shows antibody boost from polyamines

Japanese researchers show how manipulating polyamines changes antibody profile


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