Biotech & Life Sciences

Future proof bioprocess controller

Smart bioprocessing with the new Eppendorf control system

Go mobile with the new Gene Explorer thermal cycler

With its smart, modern design and host of functionality the brand-new gene explorer PCR machine is the perfect addition to your molecular biology laboratory

Collaboration to advance neurodegenerative disease research

Cellectricon and StressMarq Biosciences collaborate to develop next generation reagents and assays to advance neurodegenerative disease research


Artificial sugar-binding protein may inhibit cell growth

Blocking sugar structures on viruses and tumor cells

BIOSTAT STR® simplifies biologics production

Making biopharmaceutical development and production faster, simpler and safer

Generation of muscle cells in 3 easy steps

Tested on a wide range of human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cell lines the new kit follows a simple 3-step process

Easy isolation of PBMCs from whole blood

The EZ PREP peripheral blood mononuclear cell isolation kit from AMSBIO

CytoSure NGS panel for constitutional cytogenetics

Robust panel enables accurate and comprehensive constitutional genetic aberration screening in one assay

Non-animal derived GrowInk™ 3D printing product range

UPM is entering the exciting world of 3D printing, offering novel non-animal derived, ready-to-use hydrogels

Rapid, easy-to-use protein labelling kit

Fluidiphore rapid amine 503 enables labeling in just 30 minutes with no need for purification

Brain tissue stiffness is crucial for neurogenesis

Hard times are coming: Brain tissue stiffness is crucial for neurogenesis

Operator-free GMP-compliant cell sorting system

Miltenyi Biotec introduces world’s first operator-free GMP-compliant cell sorting system

Custom Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cell (CAR-T) service

AMSBIO announces a Custom Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cell (CAR-T) service designed to take advantage of the astonishing clinical...

New ImPaKT facility is one-of-kind

MR Solutions helps new ImPaKT facility become the best equipped containment laboratory in Canada

DNA kit with enhanced performance

Agilent introduces new SureSelect DNA kit, featuring enhanced performance and flexibility to power cancer and genetics research

Compressor-free plate sealer launched

The ALPS 5000 plate sealer features new functionalities and capabilities, making it versatile for a variety of both manual and automated...

Genomics expert launches new exome panel

IDT Launches xGen Exome Research Panel v2. New panel aims to break performance and price barriers in exome sequencing

Electrophysiology in animal models

Maulik Oza and James Morizio discuss electrophysiology in animal models

Hygienic production at new life science facility

Bürkert delivers savings and efficiency for new life science facility

New biomedical research

Team of researchers investigate hyaluronic acid degeneration in invertebral disc health




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