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New portable micro gas chromatograph

Agilent expands portfolio of smart-connected GC instruments: new portable micro gas chromatograph aims to redefine efficiency

Entry-level automation platform

"Automation for all": PAA shows the way at ELRIG Drug Discovery 2019. Low-cost, flexible and dependable automation possibilities open up for any research group

Rapid, reproducible cooling of lab samples

Asynt announces FroSyn - an innovative fluid-free cooling plate that enables rapid cooling of samples in vials or round bottom flasks (up to 500mL) to below -60°C

Research enables new anticancer treatment approach

Identification of a ferroptosis suppressor protein allows for new anticancer treatment approach

New filter integrity tester

Sartorius Stedim Biotech launches new Sartocheck 5 Plus filter tester

Custom enrichment panels launched

IDT launches custom enrichment panels for faster, lower cost NGS at ASHG 2019. NGS Discovery Pools enable larger custom panels and low sample numbers to speed up discovery

New laboratory products in the limelight

Lab Innovations, the UK’s only trade show dedicated to the laboratory industry, will see a number of new product introductions at Birmingham’s NEC, 30 & 31 October

Mixing, heating, cooling

The new IKA Matrix thermoshakers combine concentrated mixing power in the millilitre range with tried and tested and intuitive IKA menu navigation. This makes mixing and temperature control easier in daily lab work

Science freelancing platform surpasses 10,000 experts

Online platform for freelance scientists, Kolabtree, is the first specialist science platform to surpass 10,000 registered freelancers

New firmware for reactors

New firmware provides advanced on-board automation for Syrris' Atlas HD reactors

Better reporter gene assays

AMS Bio announces two new Luciferase assay kits designed to help scientists improve their gene reporter assays

Kromasil expands portfolio

Kromasil has expanded its portfolio of stationary phases to include the new wettable C18 phase specifically engineered for separating and purifying more polar peptide APIs

Potential novel therapeutic target

Discovery of potential novel therapeutic target for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Lowering the cost of NGS library preparation

Integra Biosciences has a new suite of products designed to lower the cost of PCR setup and NGS library preparation. From Clear Advantage multichannel reagent reservoirs to Voyager adjustable tip spacing electronic multichannel pipettes, the company’s products can help to ensure efficient and reliable pipetting while reducing experimental costs

First recyclable strip packaging

At the upcoming CPhI Worldwide in Frankfurt (Germany), Romaco and Huhtamaki will show the first recyclable strip packaging for pharmaceutical solids. An HM 1-230 heat-sealing machine from Romaco Siebler will be used to manufacture the Push Packs

State-of-the-art spectroscopy site

Agilent opens new spectroscopy site in the UK. The facility will be a major research and development hub for molecular spectroscopy

Microplate innovation showcased

Porvair Sciences showcased its recently extended ranges of ultra-clean deep well and assay microplates for the first time in Europe at the recent Lab Innovations 2019 exhibition.

Smart monitoring for biopharma sector

Powder containment and aseptic transfer valve specialist, ChargePoint Technology, has advanced its smart monitoring solution, Verifi, to support the biopharma market

Nanoparticle size analyser

New Testa Analytical NanoBrook 90Plus is an ideal tool to characterise particles

Cell culture media: why go serum-free?

Free Lonza webinar to discuss the benefits of working with serum-free cell culture media and provide guidance on how to get the best results


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