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Next-gen microscopes

Zeiss presents three new models of field emission scanning electron microscopes

E. coli that grow faster, die sooner - a case study

How growth rates influence the fitness of bacteria

Freezers for Covid-19 vaccines

SLS and Eppendorf supplying ultra-low temperature freezers for UK vaccines

The benefits of compact ultra low temperature freezers

Bjørn Falck Madsen discusses the benefits of compact ULT freezers

Cleanrooms collaboration

BioPure and Teknomek collaborate to deliver optimum workplace efficiency and hygiene confidence

Exploratory research project

Mogrify enters research collaboration with the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Contamination-free microplate sealing

Pharmaceutical companies undertaking ADME studies are benefiting from easy piercing seals

Macofar MicroRobot 50 - an avant-garde filling technology

A new microdosing machine is a high-tech solution for filling cytostatic powders into vials

Looking at healthcare technology from the Healthcare Innovation Centre

Professor Zulf Ali explores live projects from the Healthcare Innovation Centre

Single-particle mass spectrometry (MS) breakthrough

New CEA research paves the way to detecting viruses

Measuring water activity in food production - a case study

Dr Brady Carter explains why water activity, not moisture content is the key for safer food production

Stem cell growth in microgravity

Scott Olenych reveals how a UCLA researcher studied neural stem cells on the International Space Station

Smart evaporator case study

How a smart evaporator assists in medicinal chemistry

The modern microplate reader

Yousef Nazirizadeh discusses the evolution of microplate readers

New LIMS for genomics labs

CliniSys launches new laboratory information management system

SARS-CoV-2 antigen protein kits

AMS Bio has introduced a series of kit products based upon high-quality SARS-CoV-2 antigen proteins

Press force and gap improving dry granulation

Press force and the gap between the press rollers are the main drivers in dry granulation

Approaches to acrylamide analysis

Landon Wiest introduces a new approach for analysing acrylamide in food

Benefits and challenges of lab automation

Todd Graham presents the benefits and challenges of lab automation

When AI meets microscopy

Mike Woerdemann explains how deep learning overcomes many common microscopy challenges


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