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Omega-96 From eNuvio: A Versatile New Tool

The latest microfabricated tool for neuronal compartmentalisation and co-culture experiments

Advanced positive displacement pipette

Microman E proves ideal tool for every lab bench

Fluorescence live-cell imaging tools

CytoSmart expands long-term possibilities for simultaneous comparative studies

Overcoming The Challenge of Accessibility in Lab Automation

A look into the challenges that labs face in automating processes and understanding the benefits of automation

Finding The Perfect Optical Profiler

Robert Cid & Samuel Lesko on choosing the proper optical profiler for roughness and surface texture

Small-Scale Milling Trials

The Small-Scale Mill is an ideal tool for milling small amounts of material to representative granulates

Smarter Sample Management

Tim Daniels reveals why sample tracking is essential for organisations that outsource laboratory testing activities

The Power of Raman Spectroscopy

Rob Morris explores Raman spectroscopy for life sciences

Assessing Antibodies

Viola Denninger on assessing cross-reactivity of antibodies against SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2 microfluidic antibody-affinity profiling

Valuable new analysis tool

New tool for structural analysis of fluoroelastomers

AI in Tissue Cytometry

Alex Barang & Felicitas Mungenast explore tissue cytometry

State-Of-The-Art Solutions in Chromatography

Louise Smyth introduces some innovative new systems from the chromatography experts

Quality Control for Tablet Quality & Process Efficiency

Dale Natoli explains how improved tablet quality can be achieved by checking a number of vital inspection points

User-friendly specimen bio-pouch

New UN3373 compliant sample packaging solution

Alternative to nitrogen gas cylinders

Compressor-free nitrogen generators introduced

Revolutionary approach to drug discovery

Groundbreaking technology combines microchips and AI

Taking the strain out of microplate sealing

New AutoCapper electronic sealer introduced

Bioengineered reporter system

The cut and restore protein trick: self-excising designer proteins report isoform expression

Latest LIMS launched

Autoscribe introduces Matrix Gemini LIMS v6.0

Optimised tube plate

New solution for enzyme studies


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