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Integrating evaporators

Easy interfacing with liquid handling robots

Applying tool management

Alex Bunting reveals how to improve tablet production

Latest tools for Omicron variant research

New additions to Covid-19 research portfolio

Scale-up successfully

Hartmut vom Bey & Barbara Fretter discuss scaling up in roller compaction

Advanced Pipette Technology

Valentin Raschke reports on motor selection for electronic pipettes

New RNA prestain loading dye

Latest product allows single-step denaturing, loading and bright RNA staining

Boosting cleanroom efficiencies

The role of vapour degreasing in cleanrooms

Why DNA purity ratios matter

Ann-Cathrin Volz details the potential risks and options for monitoring DNA purity ratios

Drug design developments

New research indicates hot-melt extrusion produces predictable, high drug loading amorphous solid dispersions

New diaphragm valves

Delivering improved performance for air sampling

WGS in the UK

The Autumn Budget 2021’s implications for a potential roll-out of whole genome sequencing

The Problem With Biospecimen Procurement

There is a pressing issue with biospecimen procurement that must be addressed, says Robert Hewitt

Problem-solving spectrometers

Rob Morris explains how applied spectral knowledge solves life sciences challenges

Accuracy Needed In Shelf-life Modelling

Dr Brady Carter on modelling shelf life with water activity

How Virtual Reality Can Be Used In Lab Training

Training more lab tech staff and regulation is the key to reducing Covid-19 PCR testing costs over the long term

New viscometer launched

Viscometer with touchscreen enables quick sample testing

Understanding Covid variants

Andy Felton on sequencing the SARS-CoV-2 genome to identify variants and inform community action

Lowering Covid testing costs

Rapid 2D barcode rack scanners help lower the cost of PCR testing

Biotech procurement solution

Custom biofluid and tissue procurement service

Combating infectious diseases

Successfully combating infectious diseases is important to fight against viruses as Dr. Bin Yang explains.


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