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Remote sample management

Unchaining scientists from their lab bench

Streamlining testing

Pipettes help to progress testing for infectious diseases

Genomics partnership

Enabling single cell workflow automation

Neuromuscular disease research

Modelling enables breakthroughs

Animal disease models

Services designed to facilitate breakthroughs in scientific research

New MAT systems launched

Systems make rabbit-free pyrogen testing more efficient

Non-invasive flow meter

New device for monitoring ultra-low fluid flows

Highly selective stains

New stains for both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria

Bioreactor system announced

Scalable production of iPS spheroid culture

Flowmeter software driver

Powerful new driver for chromatography data systems

New microfluidic system

Latest tool enhances protein analysis workflows

Combating counterfeiting

Fighting counterfeiting in the medical and pharmaceutical industry

Chromatography tool enhanced

Restek’s modeller is now available for PLOT columns

New lab freezers launched

Haier Biomedical introduces new ULT freezers for labs

Pharma vials portfolio expands

SGD Pharma extends its ready-to-use glass vials

Benchtop automation solution

New tool for automated sample prep for chromatography

Advanced antibody development

Expediting antibody-based drug discovery via services and expertise

Electronic pipette case study

Unlocking hope for mitochondrial disorders

Anti-idiotypic antibodies

Bio-Rad extends product range for use in drug Development

Neuroplasticity services launched

Cellectricon expands neuroscience contract research portfolio


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