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Enabling products for compound management

Ziath has released a new module to enable its tube readers to decode Brooks Acoustix tubes

Stopping smoking could improve Covid-19 outcomes

Back to basics: Helping smokers quit could improve Covid-19 outcomes, explains Anthony Clarke

Rotary tablet press installed in new process lab

The Natoli NP-RD30 rotary tablet press is included as part of a new research and training facility

Screw pump for vacuum down to 10-3 mbar

Chemically resistant and oil-free

Reconstruction modules added to microscopes

New reconstruction algorithms increase throughput with improved image quality

New automated live-cell imaging system

Combining 4 compact Lux2 devices into one system increases throughput and lab functionality

Freezing media optimised for stem cells and iPS cells storage

Optimised freezing solutions for clinical application of cell therapy products

Affordable temperature controlled 3D bioprinter

3D bioprinting for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine is expanding rapidly

Continuous flow processes

Faes Farma chooses Syrris Asia to develop continuous flow processes

Sanitising turnstiles for hand hygiene

Teknomek has introduced a sanitising turnstile to its product range

Corrosion resistant analog hot plates and stirrers

Ideal for acid digestions and working with most corrosive solutions

Advancing competitive edge for biotech and pharma

Alfa Laval UltraPure products boost pharma and biotech process efficiency, productivity and end-product quality

Next-Generation remote monitoring solution

Protecting samples, improving laboratory efficiency and facilitating regulatory compliance

Viral Transport Medium to support global response to COVID-19

Rapid increase in production of VTM and saline will help boost virus testing

First mobile processing machine for pilot scale applications

All-in-one processing technology

Pipetting robot streamlines workflow in virology research

Assisting research to the evaluation of novel drug strategies

Targetting mycotoxins in cannabis

Laboratories can now expand their cannabis analyses

Effective buccal swab RNA extraction for COVID-19 diagnostic testing

Routinely improving yield and quality of viral RNA from nasal and throat swab samples.

A powerful new testing system for medical cannabis in Canada

Partnership agreement to transform the cannabis regulatory landscape

New cytometry service provides automated analysis of fluorescent biomarkers

Designed to provide high-content cytometry data on cells and tissues


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