New lab freezers launched

Haier Biomedical has launched a new line of energy-efficient TwinCool frequency conversion ULT freezers for pharmaceutical, clinical research and public health laboratories. This range of sample storage solutions combines several novel technologies – including frequency conversion compressors for low power consumption and a dual refrigeration system – to keep samples safe and secure, with minimal impact on the environment.
The new products – also known as BPST freezers – are designed to deliver optimal sample security, energy efficiency and sustainability, making them ideal for the storage of precious materials. Each unit features two independent refrigeration systems, ensuring non-stop temperature control down to -80±3°C, even if one system fails. The new range is designed to provide rapid temperature recovery after door opening and long holdover times of up to five hours in the event of a power failure. The freezers also harness the power of fluorine-free hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants – with a global warming potential close to zero – reducing energy consumption by 30% compared with previous models.
The TwinCool range boasts several additional features for peace of mind, including multiple alarms – to alert users of internal temperature fluctuations, sensor errors, power failures, open doors, high ambient temperatures and hot condensers – and a choice of mechanical, padlock, fingerprint, near field communication and electromagnetic locking options for optimal security. The low noise design – with a maximum output of just 42dB – ensures a quiet working environment, while a 10-inch high performance touch screen and unique, detachable filter simplify daily operation and maintenance.

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