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Breakthrough for difficult-to-treat breast cancer

Hong Kong Baptist University scholars in world-first breakthrough for difficult-to-treat breast cancer

Your chance to win Olympus Image of the Year Award 2018

Enter the Olympus European Life Science Light Microscopy Awards before 31 October 2018

Technological solutions to the problems of scientific publishing

How tokenisation could replace science's unofficial and outdated currency

Engineering immune cells to treat cancers

Expanded range or experimental cell lines, recombinant proteins and screening services

Ammonia filtration case study

Ammonia filtration is key to efficient antibiotics production at fermentation plant

Extra functionality for freeze dryer

Benchtop freeze dryers now come equipped with a controller that enables application-specific programming

Analytical expert wins prestigious award

NRW.Invest Award 2018 is a great acknowledgement for Shimadzu, whose European Innovation Centre develops technologies for tomorrow

Labelled antibodies for fluorescent multiplex detection of proteins

StarBright Blue 520 fluorescent secondary antibodies offer best sensitivity among fluorescent dye-labelled secondary antibodies that emit in the green channel

Electronic pipette filler

A new compact electronic pipette filler is designed to be ideal for fumehood use

Correcting sickle cell-causing mutation

Research describes collaborative effort to reduce off-target CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing – removing barriers for human therapeutic applications

Life sciences expert launches luteinizing hormone

Global life sciences provider Bio-Rad launches recombinant luteinizing hormone, expanding its critical raw materials portfolio

New waterproof panel PC for demanding applications

BVM launches new waterproof solution suitable for food and pharmaceutical sectors

Relay-type computer registered as historical scientific material

Fujitsu relay-type computer FACOM128B registered as "Essential Historical Materials for Science and Technology"

Challenging aspheric lenses for nuclear research

Ultra-fast focusing 370mm diameter aspheric lenses for the Orion petawatt laser research facility

Case study shows benefits of a stage used with X-ray CT

The Jing Du Research Group at Penn State University uses Deben's CT5000 stage with X-ray computerised-tomography to study solid state mechanics of advanced biomaterials

How do muscles know what time it is?

How do muscle cells prepare for the particular metabolic challenges of the day? Scientists have investigated this question and published their results

New cleaning products launched at trade show

Critical cleaning expert addresses industry demand with new products introduced at SMTAi event in Chicago

Global scientific grant competition launched launches #MyLifeForScience global grant competition worth €100,000 - the best idea about a scientific myth that should be debunked will win

Single-use cell culture in-situ technologies

New sensors for simultaneous automated and continuous monitoring of glucose and lactate in cell cultures

Cleanroom-grade chair goes big on comfort

Users enjoy form, function and comfort with a new class 5 certified PU chair from Teknomek




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