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Novel molecular transport media for dual COVID-19 and influenza sampling

The technology enables safe sample handling and testing for multiple pathogens from one sample swab

Drive to optimise drug delivery

Advancing IV medication delivery technologies with smart memories and optimised drive mechanisms.

SARS-CoV-2 rapid colorimetric LAMP assay kit

Research-use-only kit that can be used as a simple alternative to RT-qPCR for SARS-CoV-2 analysis

Welsh medical technology company at forefront of Covid-19 fight

A clinical viscosity diagnostic instrument is proving to be valuable in the research and treatment of coronavirus

Ready-to-use SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein products

AMSBIO has launched a range of ready-to-use SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein coupled magnetic beads

New SLM for high-power industrial pulsed laser systems

A spatial light modulator that delivers the world’s highest pulse laser power capability up to 400 GW/cm2

How UK labs are adapting to new working conditions

A functioning lab requires two things — scientists and a safe place to work.

Stabilising the piezoresponse on ferroelectric materials

Ilka Hermes & Romain Stomp explore dual-frequency resonance tracking for piezoresponse force microscopy

New Covid-19 research

Is the crown of the virus behind Covid-19 its weak point?

Calls for focus on full COVID-19 vaccine supply chain

IChemE is calling on governments and public health organisations to recognise the importance of a robust manufacturing process

Moving the sample properly for effective microscopy

Specific consideration must be taken when selecting sample stages and lens scanners for reliable microscopy

Automating testing for permeation breakthrough of PPE

Automated permeation analysis helps speed up the manufacturing process

Dynamic duo

A new imaging platform combining the power of X-ray tomography with structured illumination microscopy

Multiphoton microscopy moves forward

Jimmy Fong explores how advances in a modern microscopy technique are enabling emerging biological applications

68 genes associated with high risk of severe COVID-19 identified

The genes are identified from AI-analysis of hospitalised patients from UK Biobank

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Sample Tracking Packages

Two optimised packages for reliable tracking of patient samples submitted for Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing

Electrophysiology in animal models

The study of animal models is being improved with the use of electrophysiology

What automation means for Raman microscopy

Raman microscopy is becoming popular across a range of scientific disciplines

Sterile Manufacture of COVID-19 Vaccine for Clinical Trials

The vaccine candidate is currently in clinical trials at multiple sites in the UK

Transit spectroscopy in action

Transit spectroscopy comes in three main varieties


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