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Collaboration case study

Safeguarding our food and environment through collaboration

Updated QuPPe Method

Method now includes an approach using Restek’s Raptor Polar X LC Column

Pipette helps HIV researchers

More results in less time via adjustable tip spacing pipette

Breakthrough disease treatment

Ground-breaking research is set to be commercialised

Neuroscience research interview

Technology supplier Oxxius interviews a researcher who is using the firm's imaging system

Scientific camera portfolio expands

Atik Cameras expands its range of CMOS imaging solutions

New X-ray technology first used with patients

Dark-field X-ray technology improves diagnosis of pulmonary ailments

Every drop counts

Addressing liquid pharma trends with a suite of new products

Cleanroom facility unveiled

BioPharma Dynamics opens new site to support the life sciences industry

Simplifying microbiology control testing

New Instant Inoculator QC microorganisms eliminate prep work

HPLC column oven controls

From room temperature to 90°C

Software adds analytical capabilities

New and experienced users can easily obtain advanced measurements

Generating cell-repellent surfaces

Researchers coat microfluidic devices to prevent cell adhesion

Potential Covid treatment identified

Researchers identify a possible new treatment for Covid-19

New microscope module

Latest module enhances imaging capabilities of confocal microscope systems

New range of refrigerators

Enhanced functionality for secure blood storage

Pipettes aid cell handling

How electronic pipettes improve the reproducible handling of cells

Cell image analysis software

New tool to streamline drug discovery decision-making

New water circulation pump

Tool to optimise cooling of temperature control stages

Recombinant protein expression analysis

What are the challenges and solutions associated with recombinant protein expression?


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