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Ellipsoidal mirrors for X-ray diffraction

Optical Surfaces launches high-precision ellipsoidal mirrors that offer impressive pinpoint focusing for high resolution spectroscopy

Gentle efficient buffer reagents for lysing cells

Porvair Sciences announce how its Chromatrap Lysis and Hypotonic buffers play a crucial role in enabling researchers to better explore and understand the underlying processes and mechanisms that drive biological organisms

New Wnt products added to range

AMS Bio has expanded its Wnt signalling pathway product portfolio to assist researchers working in developmental biology

Optimised zeta potential measurement

Testa Analytical Solutions reports that its Nanobrook ZetaPALS zeta potential analyser has been optimised to make sensitive and precise measurements in both organic and aqueous media

Microscopy meeting set for success

The annual meeting of the European Light Microscopy Initiative (ELMI) is an internationally recognised event on light microscopy and a unique blend of lectures and hands-on workshops on the newest microscopy research and techniques aimed at a life sciences audience. In 2019, the 19th edition will take place in Brno, which is the second largest city in the Czech Republic, from June 4-7. The venue of the meeting will be Brno Trade Fairs, a leading exhibition centre surrounded by several hotels, restaurants and bars.

Studying biomaterials

A research group is using temperature-controlled microscopy to study multiscale biomaterials to engineer living cells and tissues for cancer treatment and cell-based medicine

Measuring nanocrystals

Measurement of length and thickness of cellulose nanocrystals using asymmetrical flow FFF and multi-angle light scattering. By Dr Thorsten Klein, Dr Robert Reed & Dr Soheyl Tadjiki

Advances in imaging

Alexander Auer & Ralf Jungmann discuss the use of DNA-PAINT, a super-resolution microscopy technique

Brain imaging advances

Andrew Williams reveals the latest developments in the use of microscopic technology for exploring human and animal brains

Advances in image processing

Mariusz Stefan Stachera discusses digital image processing in pharma quality systems

New tableting tool

Tobias Borgers explains how a new tableting tool combines three continuous processes in one system

New tableting tool

Tobias Borgers explains how a new tableting tool combines three continuous processes in one system

Tablet tooling tech

Kevin Queensen explains how extended head flats reliably increase dwell time

Reducing cross contamination

Matt Hale discusses methods to reduce incidences of cross-contamination in pharmaceutical applications

New production efficiencies

Gayle Walker on strategies to prevent downtime in pharmaceutical production

Going beyond CHO

Mark Emalfarb details how to ensure efficiency in biologics production

Analysing peptide aggregation

Kinetic analysis of peptide aggregation. By Michael Drenski

Latest lab tools for DNA research

DNA sequencer uses naturally occurring light for ultra-precise positioning

Benchtop NMR spectroscopy

Exploring the use of a benchtop NMR system in an undergraduate teaching programme

Powder analysis techniques

Hisashi Homma offers a comparison of the fusion method and pressed powder method for cement powder sample analysis





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