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New cell transfection method

Lonza launches next-generation 4D-Nucleofector platform

Streamline cannabinoid analyses

Restek’s new nine-component cannabinoid mix streamlines analyses

New segment cleaning solutions

I Holland launches new segment cleaning equipment

Automated incubators and storage systems

Improved sample safety and faster plate access for large-capacity microplate incubation applications

Tip top tableting

Maintain tooling to maximise tablet production, advises Andy Dumelow

High recovery of total RNA

New kits for recovery of top-quality purified RNA

New 3D bioprinter

3D printing with living cells for bioappplications

Secure sample tracking

OEM instruments for better sample management

New GPC/SEC system

Solution designed for macromolecule characterisation

Pharmaceutical product protection

Recent innovations help maximise oxygen protection

New range of AAV reference materials

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) reference materials from AMS Bio

Covid-19 fuels innovation in diagnostics

Development of novel direct amplification reagents and protocols

Processor improves vaccine development

Microfluidizer improves vaccine adjuvant and therapeutics manufacturing

Protein footprinting patent

Funding of nearly US$7m leads to protein footprinting patent

Single-use cell harvesting

Alfa Laval makes ‘full-single-use’ cell harvesting possible amid industry challenges

Service to support life scientists

Welmedis launches Wel-Screen, a new chemical analysis service

Effective air purification system

Introducing Halo P Smart: for viruses, bacteria, particles and allergens

Cleanroom-compatible incubator

CO2 Incubator is specifically built for cleanroom use

New recirculating chiller

IKA is adding a new device class to its portfolio of recirculating chillers

Scientists demonstrate phage therapy technique

Lensless imaging system affirms phage therapy’s value in treating serious infection


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