Microscopy & Imaging

New far-red HI-LED lights

For fast detection of low-abundance proteins with G:BOX systems

Enhanced Ultra-High-Speed Video Camera

An enhanced version of the Kirana Ultra-High-Speed Video Camera has been introduced by Specialised imaging

New ImPaKT facility is one-of-kind

MR Solutions helps new ImPaKT facility become the best equipped containment laboratory in Canada


New collaborative laboratory opens

Zeiss and Kyoto University consolidate strategic partnership with new collaborative laboratory

A new method for label-free metabolic imaging

Looking at the good vibes of molecules: a new approach to label-free metabolic imaging

Advances in image capture software

Syngene’s next generation GeneSys image capture software saves time and improves appearance of chemi blot images

Fluorescent multiplexing solution

Olympus and Ultivue announce comarketing agreement for fluorescent multiplexing solution: Olympus Slideview VS200 slide scanner and Ultivue...

Lens-free microscopy

CEA-Leti will demonstrate next-generation technology that enables bedside diagnosis of disease at one-tenth the cost of bulky optical...

Self-learning microscopy opens new horizons

The Olympus scanR high-content screening station rapidly acquires quantitative data from cell-based assays

How Can High Vacuum Improve Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy

Jonathan Ludwig and Kristof Paredis reveal how high vacuum can improve conductive atomic force microscopy

Innovation in imaging

Carolina Araya reveals how light-sheet microscopy is revolutionising 3D imaging

Testing technology

New digital microscope proves invaluable for food testing applications

Stage success

Case study showcasing how a stage enables the University of Aberdeen to observe compressive damage mechanisms in syntactic foam

Enhanced efficiency in FIB-SEM

Zeiss enhances efficiency in multi-scale and multi-modal workflows; researchers benefit from faster FIB-SEM sample preparation, more...

AI-Enhanced Microscopy Techniques

Andrew Williams reports on AI-enhanced microscopy techniques

Laser for two-photon microscopy

The FemtoFiber ultra 920 is the new member of Toptica's third generation, high power ultrafast fibre lasers for spectroscopy and two-photon...

Correlative materials characterisation

University of Surrey performs in-situ and correlative materials characterisation using the Deben MT5000 Microtest

New cameras with 20MP sensor

uEye CP cameras from IDS can capture even the smallest details

Bright thinking in microscopy

Exclusive interview with ioLight co-founder, Andrew Monk

Microscopes for electronic inspections

Olympus will be showcasing its fleet of microscopes, which can quickly and confidently inspect electronic components of all shapes and...




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