Protein-RNA interactions

Joint Meeting with Biomolecular Condensates: Emerging Cellular and Biophysical Roles

Ribonucleic acid (RNA) binding proteins (RBPs) are a major category of regulators encoded by more than two thousand human genes. Over the last few years, millions of protein-RNA interactions in a myriad of cellular contexts have been measured by increasingly scalable technologies, providing opportunity for deeper connections with genetics and disease. In parallel, stunning breakthroughs in microscopy and structural methods have revealed fundamental insights into protein-RNA interactions. This meeting addresses growing excitement from both the basic and translational life sciences community in imagining protein-RNA interactions as a treasure trove of new biology and drug targets. The specific aims of our meeting are to (1) provide a forum to assemble multi-disciplinary leaders in various themes in the RNA community to cross-fertilize emerging ideas in fundamental protein-RNA science, (2) introduce a diversity of new-comers to the newest methods and results in the field and (3) introduce and identify new targets and modalities for therapeutic opportunities. This meeting will be held jointly with Biomolecular Condensates which is a natural collaboration as RNA binding proteins play major roles in condensation of protein-RNA/DNA interactions.

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