New flash purification system

Biotage introduces its latest flash purification system along with a new family of flash purification columns

Ultra-sensitive online viscometer

Highly sensitive, online differential viscometer that can be used as part of a triple detector GPC/SEC system

New headspace vials added to range

JG Finneran range of vials expands with new high-strength headspace vials, available from Porvair

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New nitrogen generator introduced

Peak Scientific, an expert in gas generation for analytical laboratories, has unveiled a new addition to its Solaris Nitrogen range.

New vials introduced

High-strength headspace vials

New materials for high performance chromatography

Porvair launches sintered porous materials

Solvent removal for preparative chromatography

New system offers solvent removal for kilo-scale preparative chromatography

GPC system success

Regina Roemling describes a tool to determine the process property relations in polymers

NMR-SEC combination success

The Polymeric Materials Group at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology used an innovative benchtop NMR system to develop new chemical detectors...

Intelligent system emulation technology

Jade C. Byrd explores the instrumentation that is allowing scientific organisations to continue historical work while adopting the newest...

New detector improves GPC/SEC results

Differential refractive index detector improves GPC/SEC results

New UHPLC guard cartridges

Latest cartridges deliver ultimate protection for columns

Nitrogen generator launched

Peak Scientific introduces new Solaris XE

New formulation for determining food contaminants

New MOSH/MOAH retention time standard ensures easy, accurate Iintegration

Shimadzu at Analytica

“Excellence in Science” solutions for routine and high-end applications

Partnership furthers new business venture

Nanologica and Sterling partnership on production of silica particles

Seminar on advanced separation techniques

Postnova Analytics announces 2018 seminar

LC column development

Restek columns now with 1.8 μm particles

New residual solvents standards

Multicomponent Class 3 residual solvents standards

New microplate cap mats

Chemically resistant pierceable microplate cap mats



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