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In-depth analysis

Thomas Dieing, Damon Strom & Eleni Vomhof provide an overview of 3D confocal Raman imaging methodology and technical considerations along with application examples

Development of antibody production

From bench to bedside: antibodies revolutionise treatment, explains Emma Zhao

Lab automation success story

A leading Dutch genome diagnostics lab is using a semi-automated tube picker to retrieve DNA samples accurately and rapidly from its extensive biobank

Comprehensive mycotoxin analysis

As more mycotoxins come under regulatory purview, new methods are needed to help food safety labs continue to operate efficiently

Configurable robotic platform

Enabling scalable manufacture of advanced therapies

Researchers are nipping allergies in the bud

Researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden have been deploying Integra Biosciences’ Pipetboy pro pipette controllers with integrated LED lighting

The power of predictive genomics

Predictive genomics provides the power to transform healthcare globally, explains Kim Caple

Innovative new hydrogel

Fully defined hydrogel aims to set new benchmark in 3D cell culture

New HPLC solution

Column chiller/heater launched by Torrey Pines Scientific

AI solves chemistry challenges

Machine intelligence for designing molecules and reaction pathways

Lab automation software

New tool to to scale and manage lab automation from anywhere

The changing diagnostic testing paradigm

Exploring the role of molecular diagnostics

Full-solution biopharmaceutical services

Protein footprinting partnership announced

Error-free tube rack reading

Productive tube rack reading solution

Automated imaging technology

Neutec Group Introduces the oCelloscope by Biosense Solutions

Compact new photoreactor

Temperature-controlled batch photoreactor from Uniqsis

Novel cell culture medium

Solution designed to accelerate cell therapy development

New range of CAR lentivirus

Efficient transduction of CAR into T-cells

Inline degasser introduced

New soltuion for high flow rate applications

Novel cancer therapies

CAR applications in non-T cells


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