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New tool for probe-based applications

New England Biolabs expands its Luna portfolio with One-Step master mix for multiplex RT-qPCR

Plant phenotyping system

Multisensor plant phenotyping system delivers standardised data

Flexible single-use assembly solution

High Purity New England supports drug development pipelines with fully customisable single-use assembly solution

Freelancing in times of Covid-19

How can freelance scientists assist with the battle against the global pandemic?

New vacuum pump

Leybold strengthens the trend towards smart solutions in research and laboratory applications

Virtual Analytica: vacuum in focus

Leybold shows its innovative portfolio at this year’s virtual Analytica

Micro-ELISA test kit

Leinco Technologies launches novel Covid-19 ImmunoRank Neutralisation Micro-ELISA test kit

Covid-19 treatment breakthrough

D-Xylose can potentiate the antibiotic treatment of Covid-19 and reduce hospitalisation time

Better bacterial filtration

Study shows pipette filter tips have greater than 99% bacterial filtration efficiency

Detecting cancer cells earlier

Researchers detect cancer cells at an early stage of development via luminescent nanothermometers

Going waterless: step towards sustainability

Adoption of a waterless condenser enables major step towards lab sustainability

New LC-MS workstream

New Thermo Scientific Tox Explorer Collection provides instruments, columns and consumables with reliable and validated methods for reproducible results

Expanded DMPK capabilities

Sygnature Discovery expands DMPK capabilities with acquisition of XenoGesis

Enabling products for compound management

Ziath has released a new module to enable its tube readers to decode Brooks Acoustix tubes

Stopping smoking could improve Covid-19 outcomes

Back to basics: Helping smokers quit could improve Covid-19 outcomes, explains Anthony Clarke

Rotary tablet press installed in new process lab

The Natoli NP-RD30 rotary tablet press is included as part of a new research and training facility

Screw pump for vacuum down to 10-3 mbar

Chemically resistant and oil-free

Reconstruction modules added to microscopes

New reconstruction algorithms increase throughput with improved image quality

New automated live-cell imaging system

Combining 4 compact Lux2 devices into one system increases throughput and lab functionality

Freezing media optimised for stem cells and iPS cells storage

Optimised freezing solutions for clinical application of cell therapy products


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