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Fume hoods improve safety

The latest generation of ductless fume hoods enhance lab personnel safety

Hygienic production at new life science facility

Bürkert delivers savings and efficiency for new life science facility

New biomedical research

Team of researchers investigate hyaluronic acid degeneration in invertebral disc health

Optimised GPC/SEC instruments

Testa Analytical Solutions will showcase its OEM design and manufacture capabilities at Analytica 2020

Air samplers selected for microbiological monitoring

Hull hospitals invest in new environmental monitoring systems for operating theatres

Successful show for pharma expert

A look back: Optima at P-MEC India 2019

Exosomics deploys NanoAnalyzer

NanoFCM’s NanoAnalyzer used to provide advanced extracellular vesicles-focused analytical services

Bacteria shredding tech to fight superbugs

Researchers have used liquid metals to develop new bacteria-destroying technology that could be the answer to the deadly problem of antibiotic resistance

New NGS panel

OGT unveils reliable somatic CNV detection for CLL with new NGS panel: SureSeq CLL + CNV offers comprehensive CLL genomic profiling from a single assay

Agreement for the development of innovative bioproduction procedure of extracellular vesicles

Erganeo signs a licensing agreement with start-up EverZom, creating a platform for the production of biological tools, extracellular vesicles, to benefit the emergence of tomorrow’s biotherapies

Autoclave range showcased

Priorclave shows autoclave range at Medlab 2020 event in Dubai

New solvent removal workstation

Porvair Sciences has introduced a new robot-compatible solvent removal workstation that offers dry down of samples in tubes and microplates up to 150mm in length

Enhanced functionality for LIMS

The latest version of the Matrix Gemini LIMS software from Autoscribe Informatics provides significant enhancements which keep it amongst the most innovative LIMS solutions available

Safe heating of lab flasks

Laboratory-scale kit for safe heating of round bottom flasks

Moving the sample properly

What to consider when selecting sample stages and lens scanners

Adjustable tip spacing pipette saves researchers time

Researchers are using Integra’s Voyager adjustable tip spacing pipette to study the role of certain secreted chaperones in the formation of aggregates in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Incubation monitoring system launched

Olympus launches innovative incubation monitoring system with cell count and confluency analysis

Latest SPE solution introduced

New Resprep polymeric SPE offers an alternative to silica-based sorbents

New collaborative laboratory opens

Zeiss and Kyoto University consolidate strategic partnership with new collaborative laboratory

New tables for pharma sector

Teknomek and Trespa bring something new to the table. This new table range combines 304 grade stainless steel with Trespa TopLab surfaces


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