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Gyros Protein Technologies partners with Biotage

The companies will collaborate on automated peptide purification efficiency solution

Amsbio grows its magnetic beads range

Range helps with detection labels in magnetic immunoassays

Tracking Creative Biolabs's R&D

Biotechnology company, Creative Biolabs, has advanced its phage-related services to support antibody development.

Water purification system innovation

Thermo Fisher Scientific's water system will help with scientific research

Why tooling measurement matters

Liam Preston also explores the importance of calibration and standardisation

Time-saving preparative LC

How Syngenta is using UFPLC to extract and purify gram-scale by-products for regulatory tests

Microfluidic management

Accurate microfluidic dosing is essential for life science and genomics research, as well as the administration of medical care, details Troy Stehr

Approaches to automation

The lab of the future is in reach – but it relies on end-to-end automation, explains Russell Green

Enpicom and Carterra join forces

The collaboration streamlines analysis of antibody screening data

PharmaKure collaborates with Malaysian university

To advance use of machine learning tools in Alzheimers research

VOC MegaMix Kit released

Product contains a comprehensive offering of volatiles

Transmembrane protein expression

Emma Zhao discusses the crucial role of transmembrane protein expression in unveiling cellular functions and therapeutic opportunities

Instant imaging innovation

Introducing a commercial detector for instant chemical imaging

Switching to green solvents

Paul Vanden Branden explains why supercritical CO2 could soon replace environmentally damaging solvents in key experimental procedures

High speed rack reader launched

The Delta50 rack reader helps with accuracy and compatibility

PCR plates includes new colours

This will enhance PCR sample scheduling

Overview of branching analysis of polymers

Subin Damodaran & Regina Roemling discuss branching analysis of polymers through triple-detection SEC/GPC

How IVD kit was verified for ICP-MS device use

Christin Domin explains how two experts have verified an IVD kit for the analysis of 28 trace elements in serum and plasma for the use with ICP-MS devices

Future-focused therapeutics

Base editing is bringing the next breakthrough in cell and gene therapy, explains Michelle Fraser

High pressure atomisation product line extended

DriSteem has expanded its Adiatec offering


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