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Flow chemistry dye range expands

Bio-Rad extends range of StarBright Violet and UltraViolet dyes

FTIR spectrophotometer launched

Higher performance sensitivity with new solution from Shimadzu

New cleanroom installed

Scientific expert expands in-house testing and research

Precise flow monitoring

Latest software assists in continuous monitoring

Advancing endotoxin detection

New multimode reader from Lonza

Streamlining single-cell isolation

New tool will reduce timelines and cut costs on single-cell microbiology research

Life sciences and the life of data

Exploring why the devil's in the data for empowering innovation

Purification kit partnership

Experts join forces to automate nucleic acid purification kits

Integrated UHPLC system

Automated dried spot sampling and analysis solution

Biomedical breakthroughs

How micro-bots could lead to huge innovation in biomedical applications

New Raman solution

Renishaw launches new inLux SEM interface

Greater genomics accuracy

New platform delivers more efficient genomic analysis

Air-dryable PCR reagents

Simple, cost-effective dried assay development now a reality

New microscope tools

Motorised objective changer nosepieces launched

Life sciences certification service

Egnyte announces document certification service using blockchain technology

Smart screening tool

Technology to enhance cancer testing productivity

Trust the science

How can European scientists turn the tide on misinformation?

The application of stem cells

How can stem cells help with cancer treatment?

New liquid chromatograph

Bioinert, biocompatible UHPLC solution

Assessing cytokine therapies

Cytokine and anticytokine therapies for cancer treatment


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