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Save time while protecting sample integrity

Automated LabElite® DeFroster quickly removes frost buildup on sample racks and tubes

Learning how breast cancer cells evade the immune system

Cancer cells have ways to evade the human immune system, but research at UK’s Synchrotron, Diamond could leave them with nowhere to hide

Non-animal derived GrowInk™ 3D printing product range

UPM is entering the exciting world of 3D printing, offering novel non-animal derived, ready-to-use hydrogels

Cleaning product to combat coronavirus

Already used extensively across the NHS, HM Prison Services, the rail and travel industry, the product has already been proven to destroy and help prevent spread of the Coronavirus

Simplify LC Method Migration with Pro EZLC Method Translator

Scaling down an existing LC method to a smaller column format can speed up run time, increase sample throughput, and reduce solvent use

Rapid, easy-to-use protein labelling kit

Fluidiphore rapid amine 503 enables labeling in just 30 minutes with no need for purification

New Velesco Pharma clinical manufacturing facility begins operations

Pharmaceutical development expert, Velesco Pharma, is initiating operations at its new state-of-the-art cGMP clinical manufacturing facility in Wixom, Michigan.

New SAS Tri-Clover Isolator Head for Microbial Air Sampler

New SAS Tri-Clover Isolator Head for Microbial Air Sampler Available from Cherwell Laboratories. Allowing easier installation within RABs and filling lines for environmental monitoring in Grade A environments

Neuropore Therapies chooses Integra pipettes to accelerate its research

California-based drug discovery company Neuropore Therapies is using INTEGRA Biosciences’ EVOLVE, VIAFLO and VOYAGER pipettes to help accelerate research

New Tubes Keep Your Automation Systems Running

Tubes and RackWare Racks with long-term design stability ensure uninterrupted operation in biobanking and compound storage applications

Brain tissue stiffness is crucial for neurogenesis

Hard times are coming: Brain tissue stiffness is crucial for neurogenesis

New LC columns

Waters introduces Atlantis Premier columns to accelerate pharmaceutical methods development

Growing new blood vessels

Researchers to investigate method of growing new blood vessels

Therapeutic approach may help to cure chronic hepatitis B

New therapeutic approach may help to cure chronic hepatitis B infection

Enhanced Ultra-High-Speed Video Camera

An enhanced version of the Kirana Ultra-High-Speed Video Camera has been introduced by Specialised imaging

Operator-free GMP-compliant cell sorting system

Miltenyi Biotec introduces world’s first operator-free GMP-compliant cell sorting system

Custom Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cell (CAR-T) service

AMSBIO announces a Custom Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cell (CAR-T) service designed to take advantage of the astonishing clinical breakthroughs achieved with CAR-T cells in various hematological malignancies

New ImPaKT facility is one-of-kind

MR Solutions helps new ImPaKT facility become the best equipped containment laboratory in Canada

Improved sustainability for chemistry labs

Why chemistry labs seeking to minimise water wastage are electing to replace Liebig-style water condensers with the CondenSyn waterless air condenser

DNA kit with enhanced performance

Agilent introduces new SureSelect DNA kit, featuring enhanced performance and flexibility to power cancer and genetics research


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