New system to facilitate membrane protein production

Pharmaceutical technology company, Creative Biolabs, has developed the Magic system, a technology that enables membrane protein production for customers worldwide .

Membrane proteins play a pivotal role in biomedical discovery due to their widespread prevalence in the human genome and multifunctionality. Creative Biolabs is using frontier technologies for membrane protein production and to help progress related projects for disease research and drug discovery purposes.

"Leading the charge in membrane protein discoveries, we have been working on these functional molecules ever since the day their invaluable medical properties were recognised," said an expert at Creative Biolabs. "And our years of practical experience gained from collections of customer cases has landed on our unique membrane protein platform, incorporating versatile expression systems, virus-like particles, and solubilization and stabilization systems."

Cell-Free Expression Systems

Leaping beyond conventional cell-based systems that can be problematic in insufficient membrane insertion, precipitation of de novo synthesised proteins, or even cytotoxicity, Creative Biolabs' cell-free systems are based on the modified lysates of various cellular components, providing a powerful machine for in vivo transcription of the target proteins to the following: 

 E. coli
 Wheat germ
 Mammalian cell
 Hela cell
 Insect cell
 PURE system
 Rabbit reticulocyte
 Plant cell

Membrane Protein Solubilisation and Stabilisation

Another key focus area for Creative Biolabs is membrane protein solubilisation and stabilisation, where the manipulation of amphipathic materials has revolutionised the process, represented by detergent, liposomes, nanodiscs, polymers, and virus-like particles. This technology enhances the solubility and stability of membrane proteins, drafting new prospects for drug discovery and structural biology research.

"We are dedicated to empowering scientific innovation and driving progress in membrane protein research and are relentlessly focusing on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We strive to push the boundaries of what is possible, delivering cutting-edge solutions that accelerate scientific discovery and improve human health." Noted the scientist.

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