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Go mobile with the new Gene Explorer thermal cycler

With its smart, modern design and host of functionality the brand-new gene explorer PCR machine is the perfect addition to your molecular biology laboratory

Photoacoustic-spectroscopy system for detecting chemicals & gases

Leti, an institute of CEA-Tech, has developed a photoacoustic spectroscopy technology for monitoring dangerous chemical emissions and traces of gas that could reduce the cost and the size these systems by a factor of 10 or more compared to existing tools.
To be presented in an invited paper at Photonics West 2020 titled “Micro PA detector: pushing the limits of mid-IR photoacoustic spectroscopy integrated on silicon”, the detector also provides high immunity to external noise and high sensitivity and selectivity.

Collaboration to advance neurodegenerative disease research

Cellectricon and StressMarq Biosciences collaborate to develop next generation reagents and assays to advance neurodegenerative disease research

Ziath Announce Single 2D-Coded Tube Scanner

As a camera-based instrument the DataPaq™ Single-Tube Scanner combines high image quality and fast scanning

Artificial sugar-binding protein may inhibit cell growth

Blocking sugar structures on viruses and tumor cells

New far-red HI-LED lights

For fast detection of low-abundance proteins with G:BOX systems

Analytical intelligence

The gateway to a surplus of lab productivity and profitability

BIOSTAT STR® simplifies biologics production

Making biopharmaceutical development and production faster, simpler and safer

Gut bacteria are central to human health

Improving human health with phage-based therapeutics

Water baths for the demands of test laboratories

Water baths are an indispensable part of many process chains in laboratories

New advanced liquid chromatography system

New advanced liquid chromatography system delivers productivity, precision and compliance in routine analyses

Two new high volume pipettes launched

Two new EVOLVE manual pipettes – high volume 8 and 12 channel options offering a market-leading capacity of 1250 µl per channel

Generation of muscle cells in 3 easy steps

Tested on a wide range of human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cell lines the new kit follows a simple 3-step process

Coperion equips the ZSK 26 extruder with some new developments

Coperion is expanding its proven ZSK extruder series with a new extruder size in pharmaceutical design

Good Laboratory Practices software upgrade

Biotage is pleased to announce the launch of a Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) software upgrade for Biotage® Extrahera™

Bridging the gap with innate and adaptive immunity

Innovative combination therapies show promise for improving clinical response rates

Easy isolation of PBMCs from whole blood

The EZ PREP peripheral blood mononuclear cell isolation kit from AMSBIO

New tool offers access to Raman spectroscopy analysis

Sartorius introduces BioPAT® Spectro to enable Raman spectroscopy capability and QbD with its ambr® and BIOSTAT STR® platforms

Bruker announces the release of the B.I.QUANT-UR™ 1.1 module

Updated B.I.QUANT-UR™ module for fully validated metabolite quantification in urine using NMR

CytoSure NGS panel for constitutional cytogenetics

Robust panel enables accurate and comprehensive constitutional genetic aberration screening in one assay


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