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Sample preparation workstation

Biotage launches new high volume solution

Bispecific antibodies

Rising stars in antibody therapeutics

Nucleic acid extraction kits

How nucleic acid extraction kits alleviate pressure of Covid-19 testing

Anti-idiotype antibodies

A powerful weapon for PK/ADA assays

Pharmaceutical case study

Orthomol sets new quality standards with production performance reserves

Labels and lab testing

The surprisingly important role of labels

New gene tagging kits

Accelerating genome editing research

Tackling the influenza virus

Advanced tools for influenza virus immunodetection and vaccine development

LIMS for Covid test lab

Biograd Diagnostics chooses Matrix Gemini LIMS

The key to successful tableting

Why the right granulation method makes all the difference

Novel preclinical MRI magnets

New magnets do not require liquid helium, facilitate siting

Protein footprinting products

Supporting the Japanese life sciences market

Deep well microplate announced

New product offers maximum sample recovery

Single-cell RNA-seq kit

Scipio Bioscience announces latest solution

Clinical-grade recombinant proteins

New range of products for cell therapy

New IC-MS/MS solution

Ion exchange column enables reliable food safety analysis

Lab PPE considerations

Choosing the right PPE for scientists and lab personnel

Benchtop crystallizer introduced

New model with enhanced analytical capability

Enabling genome editing research

New GMP-manufactured Cas9 protein introduced

Supporting aseptic environments

New range of specialist furniture announced


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