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Mass spectrometer announced

Shimadzu introduces new LCMS solution

Reagent reservoirs

Ensuring the sustainable use of reagents

Overcoming unstable ingredients

Development team tackles incompatible ingredients

Connectivity for centrifuges

New features enhance data management

Making advanced staining simple

New solution provides optimal advanced staining slides

Type 1 antibodies announced

Anti-evolocumab antibodies for use in drug development

Microplate for cannabis samples

Sample processing made easy with new product

Imaging mass microscope

New solution covers the entire workflow process

Discovering antibodies

Applying single B cell screening

AI tech for MRI analysis

AI-based federated diagnostic algorithm efficiently learns across hospitals

Nanobodies: an important tool

The role of nanobodies in tumour diagnostics

Expanded range of isoforms

Laminin isoforms added to AMS Bio's range

Bioprocess monitoring collaboration

Beckman Coulter partners with Flownamics on new solution

First cell-electronic interface

3D CMOS chip for connecting electroactive tissues and organoids to software

Versatile new module

Standalone flow chemistry module for exothermic reactions

Single tube code reader

New solution featuring optimised positions

New modules for crystallisation platform

Conduct more crystallisation studies with less research material

Graphene-based biomedical test

Point-of-care test to revolutionise liver transplant safety

Temperature control module

New tool for flow chemistry applications

HPLC column oven

Torrey Pines Scientific announces new oven model


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