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FDA approves new CAR T-Cell therapy production process

Turnaround time in US - from leukapheresis to product release - likely to be reduced

Research shows antibody boost from polyamines

Japanese researchers show how manipulating polyamines changes antibody profile

IDMP-O launched under open source license

Standards promise to improve collaboration in the life sciences

New vials ensure security of drug supply

Silicon layer makes vial suitable for sensitive products

Pipette controller to transform TB testing

The pipette from Integra Biosciences will help with liquid handling workflows

New pan dryer helps with API production

Product also improves mixing and thermal homogenisation

Product streamlines nucleic acid extraction

New system designed for rapid DNA/RNA extraction

New frontiers: Organoids in cancer research

Recent advances have revolutionised physiologically relevant cancer models

New plates provide high optical transmission

Ideal for labs tasked with DNA purity measurements performed at 260/280 mm

Stroke experts to trial nerve therapy

Portable pacemaker to alleviate hand and arm weakness in stroke survivors

LED light source boosts photoredox reaction

Uniqsis report shows how its Borealis LED light source increases reaction rate

Innovative CAR-T therapy solutions unvieled

Creative Biolabs provides a range of CAR products for malignancies and tumors.

Drug trials in nueroinflammation research

A closer look at neuroinflammation's role in neurodegenerative disease

New partnership to fast track vaccine

CEPI and Barinthus Biotheraputics to collaborate on MERS related project

Testa launches DRI detectors

The product enhances the performance of GPS/SEC systems

Conjugated antibody released

Beckman Coulter's antibody will help clinical researchers

Amsbio customises Cellbanker product

Freezing media now available in personalised formulations and packaging

Utility and scale: microplate readers in action

Barry Whyte discusses how to optimise performance on microplate readers

A new role for 3D printing in medicine

Laura Galloway explains how advanced 3D printing is reshaping medicine and life sciences

In-depth: Advances in laser technology

Highlighting a range of lasers that are compact, affordable and easily integrated into mass spectrometers for use in clinical settings


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