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Article archive

Antibodies and ELISA kits

Absolute Biotech relaunches SCICONS dsRNA detection solutions

Advancing automation

New solution for liquid biopsy and biobanking

Drug discovery collaboration

Arrayjet announces collaboration with Chemspace

CHO media system launched

Improving productivity in therapeutic protein manufacture

Compact new dry bath

Chilling/heating solution for robotic systems

New reproductive health assays

Thermo Fisher aims to accelerate fertility research

Automation to speed up testing

Automata partners with The Royal Marsden to increase cancer genomic testing capacity

Pipetting solutions put to work

Pipettes help accelerate viral genomics research

Exploring diseases in microgravity

Spaceborne experiments for neurodegenerative disorders

Scientific Centre of Excellence established

Focused on improving the translation of genomic insights into action

Smart powder analyser

Introducing the Mercury Scientific SpreadStation

Chromatographic clarification

Using chromatographic clarification to achieve higher process efficiency

Automation platform launched in Europe

GC biotech is the first to distribute Genie’s LabMate and LabOS in Europe

Microfluidic components case study

Improving the performance of SPR instruments

Expanded bioconjunction capabilities

Expansion provides customised bioconjugation solutions for pharma and IVD industries.

In-house sequencing expands

Genomics customers can now benefit from latest long-read sequencing technology

Potentiating cancer vulnerability to ferroptosis

Off-targeting effects of DHODH inhibitors

Tumour exosomes

A messenger for cancer progression

Petri dish dimensions affect results

New study on microbial air sampling accuracy finds Petri dish dimensions can impact results

Single-cell analysis platform expands

Sphere Fluidics expands Cyto-Mine capabilities to meet cGMP requirements


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