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LIMS speeds up throughput

The introduction of a LIMS has streamlined sample processing time to increase throughput at a US analytical lab

How Can High Vacuum Improve Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy

Jonathan Ludwig and Kristof Paredis reveal how high vacuum can improve conductive atomic force microscopy

Innovation in imaging

Carolina Araya reveals how light-sheet microscopy is revolutionising 3D imaging

Testing technology

New digital microscope proves invaluable for food testing applications

The crystalline sponge method

Determination of molecular structure of odour components based on crystalline sponge method. By Hiroyasu Sato and Akihito Yamano

What Is Marine Bioprospecting?

Dr Espen Hansen discusses marine bioprospecting with advanced UPLC and MS technology

The Importance Of Clinical Data Management Software

Clinical data management software is now as integral to the medical facility and laboratory as lab coats and test tubes, explains Frank Millard

Stage success

Case study showcasing how a stage enables the University of Aberdeen to observe compressive damage mechanisms in syntactic foam

Exploring Weight Discrepancies In Protein

Dr Karolina Szczesna ask why the observed protein molecular weight differs from the calculated one

The Role of Raman Spectroscopy Applications

Janel Kane explores Raman spectroscopy applications

Automated sample storage system

The new Verso Q20 automated sample storage system from Hamilton Storage lets users take control of their time – and their samples – with hands-free sample storage and access

Enhanced efficiency in FIB-SEM

Zeiss enhances efficiency in multi-scale and multi-modal workflows; researchers benefit from faster FIB-SEM sample preparation, more accurate 3D tomography and greater integration in data reporting

The merits of MALS detection

Patrick Endres discusses how light scattering technology with high sensitivity facilitates the analysis of synthetic and biopolymers

Well balanced

Kevin Hill reveals the five steps to follow in order to maintain your lab’s analytical balance scale

How To Get The Right Compression Tooling

Contrary to its straightforward appearance, tablet compression is a very sophisticated, complicated and demanding process. Artur Jakubiak explains how to get the right compression tooling

How Is Biotechnology Used In Space Exploration Missions?

Andrew Williams explores the use of biotechnology in space exploration missions

Exploring py-GC-MS

Daniela Peroni discusses pyrolysis-GC×GC-MS for easier and more effective analysis of additives in polypropylene (PP)

Chromatography: What’s New?

Chromatography products and services progress steadily according to need and available technology, neither of which stand still. A number of new products and services have recently joined the market.

Exosome marker detection

Dr Andrea Krumm describes an exquisitely sensitive microplate-based assay

The power of nucleic acid tech

Novel small molecule drug discovery platform harnesses immune system to defeat cancers, viral infections and inflammatory diseases, explains R.P. “Kris” Iyer






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