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Thermo Fisher launches Pangenomix Array

The product will support population-scale disease studies

Versatile plate system

96-well exposure of air-liquid interface (ALI) cell cultures on HTS plates: introducing a new solution

Quality control of water in coffee production

Dr Brady Carter on maintaining green coffee quality through water activity control

Magdalena Ridge extends optical interferometer capacity

Optical Surfaces provides new off-axis beam compressor to observatory

Cell predicts cancer treatment success

UK based research promises to improve skin cancer treatment outcomes

Study discovers protein's role in Parkinson's

John Hopkins scientists find cell death is caused by protein synthesis

Heel digitises packaging line

Technology from Korber has been implemented on four lines

Degassers for nanofluidic systems released

Biotech Fluidics extends in-line degasser range

BioMedX joins forces with Ono Pharmaceutical

The collaboration aims to design new immunotherapies

How acylcarnitines analysis helps diagnosis

Samantha Herbick explores the analysis of acylcarnitines for differential diagnosis

Intelligent innovation

Markus Gershater reveals how AI will transform biology and the pharmaceutical industry

Azenta opens genomics centre in Oxford

The site will make use of the experienced OGC team

How gene therapy has evolved

Paul Byrne on confronting molecular bioanalysis challenges in gene therapy development

Doing more with less

Solid state research is now easier than ever with benchtop analytical technology, says Dr Carmen Guguta

Gyros Protein Technologies partners with Biotage

The companies will collaborate on automated peptide purification efficiency solution

Amsbio grows its magnetic beads range

Range helps with detection labels in magnetic immunoassays

Tracking Creative Biolabs's R&D

Biotechnology company, Creative Biolabs, has advanced its phage-related services to support antibody development.

Water purification system innovation

Thermo Fisher Scientific's water system will help with scientific research

Why tooling measurement matters

Liam Preston also explores the importance of calibration and standardisation

Time-saving preparative LC

How Syngenta is using UFPLC to extract and purify gram-scale by-products for regulatory tests


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