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New mass spectrometer

Benchtop solution introduced by Waters

Partnership to advance cell therapy research

Collaboration combines microfluidics, 3D live-cell imaging and AI in an accessible workflow solution

Simplifying infectious disease surveillance

Low-cost kits help global public health professionals quickly identify potential outbreaks

Free trial for microbiology labs

Seward offers free trial for its new autoclavable paddle blender bag

Commercial-scale production of ligand

Phosphine ligand available on the kilo scale for the first time, providing scientists with powerful solution

Monitoring chromatography pumps

Continuous monitoring of HPLC pump performance

Faster analysis of biomolecules

Automated solution for mass and purity analysis of biomolecules

Huge expansion of UK science capabilities

UK science facility reveals transformational upgrade

Covid-19 range expands

New additions to Omicron research product portfolio

Cytometry platform upgrade

New features include statistical inference tools

Stem cell research

A 'speed limit' could be a breakthrough for stem cell therapy

Pipetting case study

Electronic pipette indispensable in neurodegeneration research

Stem cells in large batch sizes

Latest mouse model development solutions

One-step ELISA assays

New kits improve efficiency

Enabling life science

Markus Gershater explains why we need to help biologists turn their work into code

LIMS demonstration

Autoscribe to highlight flexibility of Matrix Gemini at event

New biopharma analysis product

Fluence Analytics launches ARGEN-LT solution

Corrosion-resistant solutions

New hot plates and stirrers launched

Innovative GC and GC-MS products

Updated portfolio from Thermo Fisher Scientific enables greater uptime

Handheld decapper launched

Portable, semi-automated device is compatible with a variety of labware


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