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Efficient solvent recovery

New cold trap for fast evaporation tasks in the laboratory

New antibody discovery solution

Enpicom introduces an end-to-end solution for fast and efficient antibody discovery

New pipetting options

Tecan launches air restriction pipettor option for Cavro OEM liquid handling robotic platform

Breath biopsy panel

Owlstone Medical introduces breath biopsy panel for respiratory diseases

More data in less time with new tool

Gyros Protein Technologies introduces Gyrolab Bioaffy 4000 CD

New version of pipette

Additional functionalities and simplified operation in the latest version of the HandyStep

New ultra-freezers launched

Lauda introduces Versafreeze range for the safe storage of vaccines and valuable samples

Effective CO2 snow-jet cleaning

New CO2 snow-jet booths in cleanroom compatible design

Chilling/heating HPLC column

Torrey Pines Scientific announces programmable HPLC column chiller/heater

Rapid sample processing

Partnership enables cost-efficient sample processing in workflows such as COVID-19 testing

Covid-19 mutation analysis

Biotech company Baseclick has launched a new method for SARS-CoV-2 mutation analysis

Web-based sample management

Digital sample management solution launched by Ziath

New evaporator launched

Automation-ready sample evaporator for microplates

How to choose lab gloves

Manish Raval reveals the top considerations for lab glove selection: protection, precision and comfort

Monitoring PROTAC activity with luminescence assay

Dr Ann-Cathrin Volz explains how a luminescence assay monitors PROTAC activity in live cells

Correlative imaging - a novel approach to investigate the cellular world

Beamline scientists review a correlative imaging platform

Latest liquid chromatographs

Shimadzu launches enhanced, integrated LC model that supports remote work

Covid-19 antibody detection protocol

Biotech team develops ELISA protocol for Covid-19 IgG antibody detection

Next-gen microscopes

Zeiss presents three new models of field emission scanning electron microscopes

E. coli that grow faster, die sooner - a case study

How growth rates influence the fitness of bacteria


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