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Article archive

Broad portfolio for lab applications

Romaco at Interphex: a preview

Ergonomic orbital shakers

New range delivers enhanced reliability and technical innovation

Effective growth matrix

A new solution from AMS Bio

Biomanufacturing case study

How ‘cost of goods sold’ modelling can drive the right decisions

Novel NAD blood diagnostic

Biotech lab TruDiagnostic and Nadmed partner to launch new test

New reagent solution

Aptamer launches new product for immunohistochemistry

Low-flow HPLC columns

New products for proteomic research

Enhanced cleanroom furniture range

Teknomek launches Hygienox 2.0 range for cleanrooms

New HPLC solution

Sensitive HPLC refractive index detector

Nitrate stable isotope analysis

Dr Calum Preece explains why we need a new method

Latest residual solvent mixes

Restek launches new solutions to support 2020 USP <467> method revisions

Headspace autosamplers with AI

New static solutions empowered by artificial intelligence

New hot plates and stirrers

Corrosion-resistant solutions launched by Torrey Pines

Tearing up the clinical trials rulebook

Why we need a new rulebook with user experience on page one

Retrofit viscometer detector

High performance tool for GPC/SEC

PCR automation solution

Thermo Fisher launches new digital system

Sample management on the move

App enables barcode readers and scanners to be controlled remotely

Organoid products in assay-ready format

3D adult stem cell organoid tubules

New study on accuracy of microbial air sampling

Plate choice can affect EM microbial air sampling accuracy

Simplify semivolatiles calibration

Restek announces new reference standards kits


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