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New facility for laboratory digitisation

Connectivity Space Berlin opened to test and demonstrate new ways in laboratory digitisation and automation

Cleanroom solutions on show

Cherwell Laboratories to highlight product developments at the Cleanroom Technology Conference 2021

Lysis buffer success

Complete solution for for enzymatic shearing

Chromatography calibration

Fast, accurate HPLC pump flow rate calibration

Extracellular matrix

Defined and controllable extracellular matrix for cell culture

End-to-end solution for NGS labs

New tool designed to accelerate adoption of NGS testing

AI helps to spot diseased cells

Researchers developed a novel artificial intelligence algorithm for clinical applications called “scArches”

New LED illuminator

Illumination system for optimisation and scale-up of photochemical reactions

Antimicrobial resistance ‘arms race'

Battle to beat bacterial resistance advances

Evaporator advance

Low-maintenance solution can now operate at up to 80°C

High-efficiency processing solutions

Romaco exhibits latest processing solutions for pharma sector

Developing greener labs

Integra's commitment to reducing resource consumption

Simplifying CG maintenance

Simplify Shimadzu GC maintenance with Restek’s new parts

Chromatography collaboration

Thermo Fisher Scientific collaborates with ChromSword to deliver new system

Efficient exosome isolation

Expanded range of isolation and purification tools

Microbial air samplers for vaccine programme

Cherwell plays a part in Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing programme

Sustainability all along the line

Blister packaging line meets requirements for sustainable pharmaceutical production

Streamlined sample preparation

A faster approach for multiresidue pesticides in food

Compact chilling/heating dry bath

New solution introduced for robotic systems

Optimised solution for exosome detection

New membrane staining kits for versatile detection of extracellular vesicles by flow cytometry


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