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Advances in imaging

Alexander Auer & Ralf Jungmann discuss the use of DNA-PAINT, a super-resolution microscopy technique

Brain imaging advances

Andrew Williams reveals the latest developments in the use of microscopic technology for exploring human and animal brains

Advances in image processing

Mariusz Stefan Stachera discusses digital image processing in pharma quality systems

New tableting tool

Tobias Borgers explains how a new tableting tool combines three continuous processes in one system

New tableting tool

Tobias Borgers explains how a new tableting tool combines three continuous processes in one system

Tablet tooling tech

Kevin Queensen explains how extended head flats reliably increase dwell time

Reducing cross contamination

Matt Hale discusses methods to reduce incidences of cross-contamination in pharmaceutical applications

New production efficiencies

Gayle Walker on strategies to prevent downtime in pharmaceutical production

Going beyond CHO

Mark Emalfarb details how to ensure efficiency in biologics production

Analysing peptide aggregation

Kinetic analysis of peptide aggregation. By Michael Drenski

Latest lab tools for DNA research

DNA sequencer uses naturally occurring light for ultra-precise positioning

Benchtop NMR spectroscopy

Exploring the use of a benchtop NMR system in an undergraduate teaching programme

Powder analysis techniques

Hisashi Homma offers a comparison of the fusion method and pressed powder method for cement powder sample analysis

Controlled synthesis of active ingredients

An Orb jacketed reactor from Syrris is helping Italian company NIS Materials to reproducibly synthesise new materials used as active ingredients for products

New flask heating system

Asynt has introduced an entry-level academic reactor flask heating system

Tamper-evident solution for pharmaceutical sector

Valco Melton develops a hot melt-based tamper-evident solution for the pharmaceutical industry that can be integrated into any exisiting line

New microplate range enhances measurement

Porvair Sciences launches Krystal 2000, a microplate range designed to set a new standard for luminescence and fluorescence assays

Miniaturisation in freeze drying

Freeze-drying technologies enhance process development with small amounts of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)

New nitrate monitor lowers costs

Responding to industry demand, OTT HydroMet has launched a new optical nitrate sensor, the OTT ecoN

Higher sample throughput

Dr Shun-Hsin Liang details how rapid perfluorinated alkyl acid analysis by LC-MS/MS increases sample throughput




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