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New water circulation pump

Tool to optimise cooling of temperature control stages

Recombinant protein expression analysis

What are the challenges and solutions associated with recombinant protein expression?

New Covid diagnostic kit

Takara Bio Europe launches CE-IVD registered RT-qPCR diagnostic kit for SARS-CoV-2

New pipette tips

Range of low retention pipette tips added to product portfolio

Wavelength optimised dn/dc measurement

New laser options for refractometer announced

Understanding Covid-19 variants

Sequencing the SARS-CoV-2 genome to identify variants and inform community action

Onco-chip 3D microfluidic plate

Researchers perform novel immune-oncology assays in 3D microfluidic cancer models

Bioengineering meets hepatitis B

Researchers design promising novel therapeutic candidates

Boost to terpenes analysis

59 compounds in two ampuls to optimise analyses

Reiventing sample workflows

Hamilton and Rhinostics reinvent rapid swab-based sample workflows

Net zero mass spectrometer

New solution to support a greener future

Full molecular gold conjugate range

BBI Solutions has introduced a new range of gold conjugates

Opportunity for young scientists

"Lab4you" programme offers research in a state-of-the-art environment

Autoclaves to debut at event

Medica to act as showcase for Priorclave's new solutions

A crisis in biotech?

All crises are not equal, but they all need to be recognised

Looking for filter tips?

Gibson's latest solutions are ready to ship

New water preservation cell

Latest tool promotes elimination of water-borne contaminants in laboratory incubators

New pedestal bottle holder

Teknomek introduces pedestal bottle holder for freestanding flexibility

Pharmaceutical LIMS rolls out

New solution to be showcased at industry event

Improving sample traceability

New laser-etched bottom rack ID boosts traceability


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