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Targetting mycotoxins in cannabis

Laboratories can now expand their cannabis analyses

Effective buccal swab RNA extraction for COVID-19 diagnostic testing

Routinely improving yield and quality of viral RNA from nasal and throat swab samples.

A powerful new testing system for medical cannabis in Canada

Partnership agreement to transform the cannabis regulatory landscape

New cytometry service provides automated analysis of fluorescent biomarkers

Designed to provide high-content cytometry data on cells and tissues

15-minute COVID-19 antigen test to support rapid clinical decision making

The tests utilise AnteoTech’s patented AnteoBind activated europium technology

SARS-CoV-2 neutralising antibodies derived from COVID-19 patients

Recombinant engineered antibodies available for coronavirus research and diagnostics

Easy-to-use, compact, ion chromatography system simplifies water analysis

Making everyday ion analysis simpler

Biotechnological production of a natural substance against tuberculosis

Designed bacteria produce coral-antibiotic

How Telehealth technology prevents coronavirus transmission

Christopher Oseh explains the role of telehealth in preventing the transmission of coronavirus

Optimised LIMS implementation in the Amazon Web Services Cloud

Thermo Fisher’s cloud services enable easy, cost-effective, compliant and secure cloud deployment of Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS software

High throughput 3D cell screening workflows

Handheld electronic pipette for rapid and precise filling of specialized 3D cell culture plates

High quality sterile deep well plates

Deep well microplates are an important class of functional plasticware used for sample preparation

Ultra-low noise large-area camera for optical astronomy

vivaMOS collaborates with imaging experts from the University of Southampton to develop an ultra-low noise camera

Vertical growing technology for medicinal herbs

The technology allows for minimal human interaction, sustainable production and medicine-grade hygiene levels

‘Anti-evolution’ drugs to combat antibiotic resistance

Study reveals a novel strategy for using compounds as ‘anti-evolution’ drugs to combat antibiotic resistance

Cryo-correlative fluorescence and electron microscopy

Linkam’s CMS196V3 stage enables cryo-correlative fluorescence and electron microscopy

Sub ambient synthesis of novel gold organometallic complexes

Asynt reports upon the synthesis of novel gold (Au) organometallic complexes

AI & single-cell genomics: New software predicts cell fate

The study of cellular dynamics is crucial to understand how cells develop and how diseases progress

Fighting for a world without scars

Dr. Yuval Rinkevich talks about his vision of a world without scars.

Get a quicker cleanup with Resprep SLE cartridges and 96-well plates

Effectively remove matrix components


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