New injection molding machine for cleanrooms

 US-based manufacturer, Shibaura Machine Company has released a medical-specific all-electric injection molding machine designed for a clean room environment.

“For years, medical device manufacturers have been using our general purpose ECSXIII machine to mold a variety of products,” said Chad Clawson, sales manager medical casting/molding division, Shibaura Machine Company. He continued: “Our new medical-specific machine offers the same speed and functionality as other ECSXIII models, with enhancements that are ideal for medical molding and clean room environments.” These enhancements include:

• Plated platens to control particulates and contamination
• Stainless steel guarding and panels ideal for clean room environments
• Raised frame for easy access to clean below the machine
• Special NFS H1 Certified lubrication grease
• Extended ejector stroke (+30 mm)

The product is the latest addition to Shibaura’s ECSXIII series of all-electrics. It delivers fast injection speeds and dry cycle times, ensuring longer mold life and providing uniform clamping force, for greater productivity, flexibility and versatility. It features the same V70 controller built into all ECSXIII models, making it easy for operators to decrease mold set up time, optimise cycle times, analyze part defects, troubleshoot defects and more.

• Included with the new machine is a full year subscription to machiNetCloud, Shibaura’s exclusive industrial IoT service providing manufacturers with remote, real-time access to machine data so they can control validated processes for molded components anytime, from any location.
• The new medical-specific EC110SXIII is currently available in 110 US tons, with larger sizes to be available in the future. 

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