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Important sample prep tool

Extensive natural product fraction library for high-throughput screening

New autoclave controller

All laboratory autoclaves and research sterilisers leaving the Priorclave design and manufacturing centre in the UK are now fitted with a new, technologically advanced controller

Brilliant idea

First components of new Extremely Brilliant Source installed

The future of imaging?

Emma Doughty discusses the potential, and challenges, of cryo-electron tomography

Improving tablet production

To minimise losses in the production of tablets, advancing and automating methods for measuring pharmaceutical compression tooling is crucial, says Mariusz Stachera

Smart UV-Vis spectrophotometry

Dr Ursula Tems & Dr Matt Quinn explain how simultaneously measuring standards, controls and unknown samples without any moving parts is giving a new meaning to analytical instrument reliability and reproducibility

Asessing antibody ADCC

Regina Römling explains how HPLC is assessing antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity

Partnership yields impressive results

Scientists use robots to test cells by the billion

Resolution revolution

Andrew Williams explores the rise of super-resolution microscopy and finds out what it’s being used to accomplish

Pressing issues

Robert Sedlock explains the value of tablet press instrumentation

Benefits of biobanks

A biobank proved a valuable resource for an international research project looking into colorectal cancer

Purification made easy

Preparative purification of ibuprofen and its related substances by UFPLC

Make the switch to microplates

Dr Andrea Krumm reveals how a microplate reader facilitates microbiology and overcomes auto-fluorescence

Talking science

Maya Raghunandan describes how scientists can help with effective science communication

AI-based spectroscopy

Andrew Williams reports on the projects that are bringing extra intelligence to spectroscopy

Next-gen objectives for life science microscopy

Olympus delivers an advance to life science microscopy with the launch of its next-generation X Line objectives

Updated clinical trial design tool

Data analysis and clinical trial software specialist, Exploristics, has announced plans to launch an updated version of its cloud-based data analytics platform for clinical trial design, KerusCloud 2.0, by the end of the summer

New gel electrophoresis equipment

Latest horizontal and vertical gel electrophoresis equipment saves time and effort by producing perfect gels for Syngene imaging systems

New technology to revolutionise drug development

The search for new drugs to combat diseases more effectively could be revolutionised through a new £30 million electron microscopy project

Why does the observed protein molecular weight differ from the calculated one?

Article examining the most commonly encountered reasons for observed discrepancies in the molecular weight of examined proteins





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