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New viscometer launched

Viscometer with touchscreen enables quick sample testing

Understanding Covid variants

Andy Felton on sequencing the SARS-CoV-2 genome to identify variants and inform community action

Lowering Covid testing costs

Rapid 2D barcode rack scanners help lower the cost of PCR testing

Biotech procurement solution

Custom biofluid and tissue procurement service

Combating infectious diseases

Successfully combating infectious diseases is important to fight against viruses as Dr. Bin Yang explains.

Why choose a LIMS for a NGS Lab?

Savitra Sharma explains why a LIMS is vital for managing your NGS lab

Speedy spectrometer

Scion Instruments launches its fastest solution

Scientific imaging solution

Atik Cameras launches the TE-77 using new sensor technology

Exploring DNA-PAINT

Savana Lipps discusses an advanced approach to single-molecule localisation microscopy

A medication against SARS-CoV-2

New strategy also promises protection against future SARS-CoV-2 variants

Producing perfect tablets

Powder die filling is essential to create quality tablets, explains Robert Sedlock

Automating Covid diagnostics

Maarten de Groot on introducing a time-saving solution for Covid testing

Monitoring pump performance

Anders Grahn details the importance of real-time data for HPLC pumps

How is your pipette performing?

Chipo Samvura explains how lab technicians can get the best out of their pipettes

Why choose custom microplates?

Benefits of private label and custom manufactured microplates

New mass spectrometer

Introducing the Sirix stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer

Developing diagnostics

Eoin Madigan discusses optimising established technologies for point of care diagnostics

Speed It Up With A Clever Column Set-up

Jaap de Zeeuw and Jana Hepner describe how a new column solution makes the speed benefits of LPGC-MS widely attainable

Simplifying food safety testing

New sample preparation solution delivers robust, sensitive quantitation

Single-cell analysis solution

Yokogawa develops system for subcellular sampling


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