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Article archive

New chromosomal microarray

Two-day turnaround time to increase lab productivity

New HPLC column

Chilling/heating column from Torrey Pines Scientific

Minimising sample contamination

Externally threaded storage tubes maintain high sample integrity

Lab-on-chip technology

Chip tech used for screening live tumour

New GSM chip reactor blocks

Enhancing flow chemistry reproducibility

Integrated bioreactor system

Sartorius and Repligen launch solution for upstream process intensification

Peptide purification kit

New automated kit overcomes major bottleneck in peptide production

Upgrades to probe stage

Linkam launches enhanced stage solution

Sowing the seeds of the future

Case study on testing lab's usage of electronic pipettes

New software tool

Automated software for HPLC pump validation

Genomic research collaboration

PacBio and GeneDx launch research collaboration with the University of Washington

Tablet coater to debut at show

New launch from Romaco Tecpharm

Personalised cancer treatment collaboration

DoMore Diagnostics and the Ohio State University to collaborate

New chromatography columns

SEC columns for gene therapy applications

'Human inks' project

Boosting development of human tissue-based inks

Updated FTIR microscope

Expanded connectivity options and swappable connectors

Precise in vivo imaging

New range of lentivrius products announced

Optimising sample management

Barcode reader optimised for PCR plates

Cell culture growth medium

PromoCell launches PromoExQ MSC Growth Medium XF

Gas bubbles study

Early detection of gas bubbles improves pump performance


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