Reference flat ordered by Korean supplier

High-precision optical component manufacturer Optical Surfaces is set to deliver a 700mm diameter reference flat to its supply partner in South Korea, Jeewoo Photonics. The part will form a key component in an optical test system being developed for a space optics organisation 

The optical test system is required for aligning and testing long focal length, large aperture multi optical component systems without degrading optical quality.

Benefiting from an ultra-stable production environment and employing proprietary polishing techniques, Optical Surfaces can routinely produce large diameter reference flats with typical wavefront error of up to lambda/20 p-v, surface roughness of less than 10 Å rms and surface finish of 40/20 to 10/5 scratch / dig.

Asked why he had selected Optical Surfaces as a partner for this prestigious supply contract, Mr MoonWhe Hur, director of Jeewoo Photonics said: “There are few optics manufacturers in the world able to produce optics of such size and with the specialised test equipment to demonstrate conformance to the ultra-high precision finish specification. Over the years we have worked closely with Optical Surfaces on a series of demanding optical development projects which because of their highly skilled staff have all been successful with deliveries kept to time”.

Dr Aris Kouris, sales director of Optical Surfaces said: “We were delighted again to be selected by Jeewoo Photonics as a supply partner. The production of the large ClearCeram-Z reference flat is well underway, we hope to move onto final polishing and testing soon. To enable us to quality test large diameter reference, we developed a large aperture Fizeau interferometer. Housed in an ultra-stable testing environment, this interferometric set-up allows direct qualification of large diameter reference flats by testing them directly over their complete aperture.


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