Pulsed light technology to decontaminate lids

A new pulsed light technology from packaging sterilization specialist Claranor is to be integrated into a new linear dairy filling line, at a speed of 15,000 cph. 

The equipment consists of:
- An optical cabinet for effective decontamination of lids.
- An optical cabinet for decontamination of sport caps, for a high level of hygiene. 
- A single electronic cabinet that controls both units.

The two cabinets are currently in a commissioning test room on Claranor's site, ensuring that the machine operates correctly and safely. 

The tests are being done by automation engineer Olivier Bres, in close collaboration with the project manager Gautier Delmas.

There are currently 300 Claranor cap sterilizers and 54 lid sterilizers in operation worldwide.

The solution is chemical and water-free, according to the company, and the solutions protect their products’ quality, as well as packaging integrity and the operator’s health.

Claranor explains that the solution offers low energy consumption and carbon footprint compared with conventional decontamination methods.

The company provides decontamination solutions for the pharmaceutical and food and beverage sectors.  

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