Solutions for biomolecular interaction analysis

In this article, biotechnology company Creative Biolabs highlights its biomolecular interaction analysis services designed to provide insights into the complex interactions beneath biological processes.

Biomolecular interactions are integral to nearly all cellular processes, like signal transduction, metabolic pathway regulation, environmental sensing, and cellular movement. Thus, understanding how interactions occur and how biomolecule complexes function within cellular networks is increasingly important. Creative Biolabs has expertise in protein-protein interaction assays, particularly yeast two-hybrid screening and TurboID proximity labelling, and this helps advance the understanding of complex biomolecular interactions and biological systems.

"Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) are fundamental to virtually all cellular processes and are key targets for drug discovery," according to a scientist at Creative Biolabs. 

Creative Biolabs performs protein-protein interaction assays through in vivo, in vitro, and in silico detection approaches. They have also developed novel platforms, such as the Magic Conversable Mammalian Library (CML) Platform, for unique biomolecular interaction discoveries.

Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening

The yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) screening at Creative Biolabs assists with detecting and analysing protein-protein interactions in vivo, allowing researchers to map protein interaction networks with high sensitivity and specificity. By enabling the detection of direct interactions between proteins within a cellular context, Y2H screening provides a comprehensive understanding of biological processes and pathways.

TurboID Proximity Labelling

Proximity labelling techniques, such as TurboID, have revolutionised the field of proteomics by allowing the identification of protein-protein interactions and localisations within living cells. Creative Biolabs offers a TurboID service that employs engineered biotin ligase to label nearby proteins with exceptional efficiency and resolution. This innovative approach is invaluable for studying dynamic and transient interactions, according to the company, providing researchers with detailed insights into cellular environments and protein functions. Creative Biolabs' TurboID service includes experimental design, execution, and comprehensive data analysis.

Recent advancements in biomolecular interaction analysis highlight the indispensable role of Creative Biolabs in supporting scientific and pharmaceutical research. By collaborating with academic institutions, biotech firms, and pharmaceutical companies, Creative Biolabs accelerates the discovery and development of novel therapeutics. Their integrated approach combines cutting-edge technologies with expert knowledge, ensuring tailored solutions that address the specific requirements of their clients.

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