New high-performance LED micrometer

Precision sensor supplier Micro-Epsilon has extended its range of optical micrometers to include a new high performance LED version that also compensates for target tilt.

The company has extended its Opto-Control series of optical micrometers with the Opto-Control 2700-40, a high performance LED micrometer that is characterised by its high precision and sampling rate with a measuring range of 40 mm. The LED micrometer is suitable for measuring contours, diameters, gaps, edges and segments in a wide range of inline quality control, automated production and machine monitoring applications.

The product is an LED micrometer that operates according to the shadow casting principle and has telecentric optics on both sides that enable precise measurement of small objects down to 0.3 mm. The target is uniformly illuminated and a real-time inclination correction feature that ensures extremely accurate measurements, even when the target object is placed at an angle or tilted up to 45 degrees from the plane of the light beam. This means that an orthogonal alignment of the measuring object is not necessary. 

For high accuracy environments

Owing to the controller integrated in the receiver, cabling and installation effort are reduced as there is no need for an external control unit. With sampling rate of 15 kHz and measurement output rate of 5 kHz, the Opto-Control 2700-40 offers impressive performance with linearity of ≤ 1 µm, repeatability of ≤ 0.1 µm, and a digital resolution of 10 nm. The product is suitable for high accuracy measurements in, for example, semiconductor manufacturing, automotive production, aerospace, glass and medical technology – wherever maximum precision and reliability are required.

The micrometer is also suitable for measuring rods and extruder products (e.g. rod material, plastic pipes). Owing to the sensor’s short exposure time of 8.5 µs, the concentricity measurement of an electric motor or high speed diameter measurement during wire drawing or extrusion, for example, can be performed with high precision.

In addition to high precision measurements, the LED micrometer has integrated contamination detection that provides a proactive solution for detecting contaminants on the measuring optics. This feature helps avoid measurement errors and raises the quality of measurement results to the highest level.

Easy setup and configuration

Configuration of the Opto-Control 2700 is performed via the integrated web interface, which is accessed via the Ethernet interface. Six presets enable fast and easy setup of parameters such as video signal, filter and different measuring modes. The web interface also provides a scalable black-and-white shadow image for easy alignment: the micrometer or the measuring object can be positioned using this graphical feature.

Analogue, RS422, Ethernet and EtherCAT outputs are provided to simplify integration of the sensor into the customer’s own production control environment. Profinet and Ethernet/IP can also be used via the IF2035 digital interface converters from Micro-Epsilon.


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