Tracking Creative Biolabs's R&D

Creative Biolabs is a biotechnology company that builds diverse and high-quality phage display libraries. By effectively combining the high-throughput screening and expansive library diversity, the company's technology allows researchers to efficiently identify specific antibodies. Its array of screening strategies, including but not limited to solid-phase screening, solution-sorting screening, cell-based screening, and in vivo and ex vivo screening, means researchers can easily progress from target identification to lead optimisation.

Phage display technology is a powerful tool for antibody development, since phages display foreign peptides or proteins on their surface. Through phage library screening, monoclonal antibodies with high affinity and specificity can be obtained against various target molecules.

In-vivo phage display

In vivo phage display has become increasingly popular. This requires advanced technology, enabling tissue-specific peptides bound to cell markers or cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs) for transporting chemotherapeutic agents to be specifically  isolated. Creative Biolabs enables the identification of targeting peptides for different tissues and organs by in vivo phage display, including but not limited to tumours, atherosclerosis, vascular endothelium, muscle, and human synovium. The company has created high diversity libraries with more than 10^9 different clones.

Ex-vivo phage display

Creative Biolabs also operates an ex-vivo phage display - an improved biopanning technology for discovering peptide and protein ligands for organ and tissue-specific macromolecules.

The company can generate high diversity phage display libraries with a great deal of candidate peptides and protein ligands that can distinguish between the different organs and tissues and be used as homing devices for therapeutic and imaging agents, or they can be therapeutics themselves and provide tools for studying the underlying biology of processes like lymphocyte homing, cancer metastasis, or the tropism of pathogenic microorganisms.


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