Amsbio grows its magnetic beads range

Life science products provider, Amsbio, has expanded its range of high-performance magnetic beads to include the MagSi-STA trial kit. 

The beads are magnetic silica particles with high quality streptavidin covalently attached to the bead surface.

They are used as detection labels in magnetic immunoassays or as a solid support phase in immunoassays.

Available in different mean sizes, streptavidin coupling chemistries and binding capacities, the beads are designed to help with in vitro diagnostic applications, including immunoassays.

The trial kit will be especially useful where specific requirements for magnetic beads are not known.

Designed for evaluation purposes during the trial phase of developing new assays or bead replacement in existing assays, the kit includes 1ml of each of the eight different MagSi-STA products to help researchers quickly find the most appropriate beads for their specific application.

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