Hamamatsu Photonics releases new sensors

Hamamatsu Photonics has released the S11639N-02 and S13496N-02 CMOS linear image sensors, enhancing precision in the Vacumn Ultra Violet (VUV) range. 

Tailored for spectrometers and analytical applications, these sensors offer improved sensitivity and functionality, according to the company.

The sensors afford increased pixel size for both sensors - the S11639N-02 has a photosensitive area with vertically long pixels: 14 x 200 µm, while the S13496N-02 features 4096 vertically long pixels: 7 x 200 µm.

The elongated vertical pixel size enables efficient light collection, even with shorter integration times. Both sensors exhibit sensitivity from 140 nm to 1000 nm, ensuring precise imaging across a broad spectral range.

The functions are versatile and lead to variable integration time, as well as simultaneous charge integration and an electronic shutter for precise imaging control. 

The video data range offered by the S11639N-02 features a video data range of 10 MHz, providing enhanced capabilities for dynamic imaging.

Imaging is offered with minimal noise, and the S13496N-02 operates seamlessly with a single 5V supply, streamlining power requirements for enhanced convenience.

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