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Solutions for aseptic processes

Solutions for aseptic processes and new forms of administration: Optima innovations at the P-Mec in Frankfurt

AR molecular visualisation prototype developed

Scientists at Sygnature Discovery could soon be rotating virtual molecules in the world around them. Sygnature's Computational Chemistry department has spent the past year looking at how augmented reality (AR) can be applied to drug discovery

Host cell protein ELISA detection kits

AMS Bio has launched a range of ELISA host cell protein (HCP) detection kits that allow users to detect the presence of host cell protein impurities in their therapeutic at any phase of their product development

New analysers minimise microscopy slide reviews

Horiba Yumizen haematology analysers minimise microscopy slide reviews: studies confirm strong analytical performance for body fluid and pathological sample analysis of HELO platform

Ultra-pure plastics for healthcare applications

A new state-of-the-art automated manufacturing system is enabling Porvair Sciences to produce ultra-pure porous plastics that are fully compliant with FDA, USP Class VI and European Pharmacopoeia statutory regulations as well as being free from heavy metals

Study demonstrates potential of blood test for early lung cancer detection

Data has demonstrated the potential of Oncimmune's EarlyCDT Lung test to reduce the incidence of patients with late-stage lung cancer at diagnosis.

New micro PMT ideal for medical applications

Hamamatsu Photonics introduces a new micro PMT encapsulated in a plastic package ideal for downsizing medical diagnostic devices and environmental analysers

6M€ European grant awarded to ExPaNDS

A new 6M€ grant is being launched for the Photon and Neutron Data Services (ExPaNDS) to come together and work under the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). This ambitious project will create enormous opportunities for scientific communities, and through their findings for humankind worldwide

New objective positioner

The NanoScan OP400 objective positioner - for high speed, high accuracy, repeatable Z stacking

Assay-ready workstation launched

Hamilton introduces the ID Nimbus Presto for automated high-volume nucleic acid extractions: system integrates Thermo Scientific KingFisher Presto for rapid processing of calcified tissues and other challenging samples

MALDI imaging in neurological research

The importance of MALDI imaging in revealing the complexities of neurological disorders. By Professor Masaya Ikegawa, Genomics and Proteomics for Human and Model Organisms, Department of Medical Life Systems at Doshisha University

New centrifuge series launched

The Thermo Scientific General Purpose Pro centrifuge series offers a powerful separation solution in an ergonomically enhanced design

Manipulating Micro and Nanoscales With Acousto-Microfluidic Technology

CEA-Leti has developed a new acousto-microfluidic technology for manipulating micro- and nanoscale samples using evanescent sound waves.

Fast, affordable material ID

The new Vanta Element XRF analyser offers the essential features that the Vanta series is known for – speed, reliability, ruggedness, connectivity and smartphone-like ease of use – in a cost-effective model

Heparan sulphate antibodies for HSPG research

AMS Bio has launched a range of high-quality heparan sulphate (HS) antibodies from F69-3G10, F58-10E4 and JM403 clones, which have been proven ideal for targeted binding of HS in heparan sulphate proteoglycans (HSPG) research

Spin column launched

Quick and efficient sample homogenisation for plasmid protocols

New hydrogen generator for GC-FID

Peak Scientific has introduced its latest hydrogen gas solution: Precision SL, the company's smallest and easiest to use laboratory-grade hydrogen generator for GC-FID

Samplix launches Xdrop

Samplix has announced the commercial launch of its Xdrop sample preparation products for PCR-free target enrichment yet maintaining PCR-level specificity

Ductless fume hoods

The Purair Eco Series ductless fume hoods are designed to protect the user and the environment from hazardous vapours generated on the work surface

Non-invasive analysis

Non-invasive analysis using benchtop TD-NMR: Analytik launches range of benchtop Time-Domain Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (TD-NMR) systems


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