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PCR automation solution

Thermo Fisher launches new digital system

Sample management on the move

App enables barcode readers and scanners to be controlled remotely

Organoid products in assay-ready format

3D adult stem cell organoid tubules

New study on accuracy of microbial air sampling

Plate choice can affect EM microbial air sampling accuracy

Simplify semivolatiles calibration

Restek announces new reference standards kits

ESG in the cleanroom environment

What are the top priorities for cleanroom managers?

Integrated automation platform

Lab bench with integrated automation capabilities and orchestration software

Addition to microphysiological range

New system increases productivity, cost-effectiveness and data robustness

iPSC-derived neuronal cell product

New cell product simplifies neuroscience research

Identifying antimicrobial resistance

Pipetting solutions streamline liquid handling steps

Highly efficient degassers

Optimised for GPC applications

New qPCR master mixes

Optimised, ready to use formulation

New mass photometer

Ideal tool for automated AAV capsid analysis

Wi-Fi enabled tube reader

Next-generation handheld solution announced

Drug discovery advances

Recombinant antibody production in drug discovery

Rapid scanning UV detector

Ideal solution for for high-temperature process monitoring

Quick and easy isolation

New kit for isolating gDNA from FFPE tissue

Automating wet chemistry analysis

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces water analysis systems

New dyes to enhance flow cytometry

Bio-Rad Introduces StarBright Blue and StarBright Yellow dyes

Automation for genomics partnership

The Francis Crick Institute and Automata join forces


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