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Disinfection technology to tackle Covid-19

New UV light disinfection technology proven to eradicate the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Covid-19) from surfaces in daily life

Enhancing interferometry

Dolomite’s Mitos Dropix helps provide reproducible droplet production

New bath circulators

Latest products enable reliable temperature control across the most demanding applications

Improving neuronal reprogramming

Researchers improve neuronal reprogramming by manipulating mitochondria

Real-time PCR Aspergillus detection

Biotecon Diagnostics launches PCR foodproof Aspergillus detection LyoKit for the cannabis testing industry

Energy-saving Scroll vacuum pump

Atlas Copco launches vacuum pump for food, pharmaceutical and laboratory applications

New laser microscope

Olympus Lext OLS5100 laser microscope offers guaranteed accuracy and precision with smart features

High integrity microplate sealing

Rapid EPS seals from BioChromato are designed for scientists looking to prevent contamination issues

Safeguarding organoids through lockdown

AMS Bio reports how a renowned ab used its reagent when it needed to freeze down organoids at short notice ahead of the Covid-19 spring lockdown

Temperature control without refrigerant

Ultra-compact laboratory chiller without refrigerants.

Expanded Covid-19 testing

Isohelix and Precision Genetics partner to expand Covid-19 testing using saliva collection technology

Exosome purification kit launched

Cell Guidance Systems introduces Exo-spin 96 exosome purification kit

The virus behind Covid-19

From 0 to 60 in six months… the unmasking of the virus behind Covid-19

High-resolution HLA-typed primary cell lots

Lonza announces broad selection of HLA-typed primary cell lots to support biologic drug research

Fluorescence live-cell imager launched

CytoSmart Technologies announces the launch of its first fluorescence live-cell imager, Lux3 FL

Possible cure for COPD

Promising therapeutic approach against COPD

New microplate

Optimised microplate for SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid purification

Digital platform for clinical trials

Dublin-based start-up launches Wirano, a global digital platform for organising clinical trials

More infections than reported

New study demonstrates importance of large-scale SARS-CoV-2 antibody screenings

New sample collection kit

EKF launches PrimeStore MTM pathogenic sample collection and transportation kit


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