A weighty issue

Integration of checkweighing for 100% quality assurance in pharmaceutical production lines

Chinese company Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Equipment & China Resources has its headquarters in Beijing and has been an OEM partner of Mettler-Toledo since 2007. The company is an established and well-known equipment supplier in China. It developed the  first Chinese blister package was developed as well as the first pharmaceutical cartoning machine, and the first pharmaceutical production line.

Jianping Fu, General Manager of Beijing Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Equipment and China Resources, says: "In the past 10 years, Mettler-Toledo has always been our exclusive strategic partner, providing custom-built inspection solutions for us."

For an OEM company, the challenge is more than finding a reliable supplier. It needs a partner that cooperates with due care and attentiveness from the very beginning of every project. Technical drawings must be mutually exchanged and analysed to ensure that the checkweigher will be correctly configured and laid out in every detail. The flexibility and thoroughness of the Mettler-Toledo checkweighing teams has reassured Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Equipment and China Resources that its decision to stay with Mettler-Toledo for checkweighing solutions, year after year, was right.

Jianping Fu observes: "Pharmaceutical production must follow the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) rules; missing tablets or instruction leaflets are very serious quality issues. Mettler-Toledo in-line checkweighers are a strong guarantor of product quality in our production.

“The latest cartoning machine we have created has the ability to pack 400 boxes per minute at stable speed. Even in this high-throughput application, Mettler-Toledo checkweighers are still able to fulfil our requirements."

The Beijing OEM company can trust Mettler-Toledo to always supply not only a high quality checkweigher with the configuration as needed, but also provide an online library with additional information material which is particularly valuable in the pharmaceutical segment.

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