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Secure sample tracking

OEM instruments for better sample management

New GPC/SEC system

Solution designed for macromolecule characterisation

Pharmaceutical product protection

Recent innovations help maximise oxygen protection

New range of AAV reference materials

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) reference materials from AMS Bio

Covid-19 fuels innovation in diagnostics

Development of novel direct amplification reagents and protocols

Processor improves vaccine development

Microfluidizer improves vaccine adjuvant and therapeutics manufacturing

Protein footprinting patent

Funding of nearly US$7m leads to protein footprinting patent

Single-use cell harvesting

Alfa Laval makes ‘full-single-use’ cell harvesting possible amid industry challenges

Service to support life scientists

Welmedis launches Wel-Screen, a new chemical analysis service

Effective air purification system

Introducing Halo P Smart: for viruses, bacteria, particles and allergens

Cleanroom-compatible incubator

CO2 Incubator is specifically built for cleanroom use

New recirculating chiller

IKA is adding a new device class to its portfolio of recirculating chillers

Scientists demonstrate phage therapy technique

Lensless imaging system affirms phage therapy’s value in treating serious infection

World-first for disease diagnostics

Fibre-optic ultrasonic imaging probe developed

New fluorescence cell counter

Automated fluorescence cell counter with an expanded field of view

96 channel pipette launched

Integra introduces its latestportable 96 channel pipette

Smart isolator technology

A new solution desinged for aseptic processes

Characterisation of small nanoparticles

Ultra high-resolution particle size analyser for accurate physicochemical characterisation of small-sized nanoparticles

Simplifying drug development data

Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre simplifies management of CSP data

Medical centre chooses LIMS

Matrix Gemini LIMS deployed in the Gambia


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