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Three-in-one solution

Versatile new incubator/chiller/freezer

Certified contaminant-free sample vials

Waters introduces new rest protocol and an addition to vial portfolio

Solution to reduce microplastics

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces Invitrogen DynaGreen magnetic beads

Enhanced LIMS released

New version of Infonote Dataysystems' LIMS

Automation-friendly reservoirs

New 8 row and 12 column reagent reservoirs

Single-cell picker launched

iotaSciences announces product development completion for isoPick

Lateral flow strip test for glyphosate

New product enables accurate, on-site testing

Gene therapy partnership

Experts join forces to develop new gene therapies

Real-time PCR system

Advancing large reaction volume IVD assay development

Comprehensive imaging platform

Software update adds advanced imaging and measurement tools

GPC/SEC combination detector

New solution from Testa Analytical

Biotech automation partnership

Automating production of iPSC derived human cells

Blister packaging line launched

Unity 600 solution for more sustainability and performance

Real-time monitoring solution

Waters launches SaaS for remote monitoring of QA/QC labs

Pipettes case study

University adopts pipettes for international competition

New light source

Improved diffuse reflection solution from Hamamatsu

Speciality reagents case study

Reagents used for production, visualisation and analysis of glycans

New piezo objective scanner

Accuracy and resolution delivered via novel design

Scaling Up Gene-Edited Food

Sonia Jassi reveals how the biosynthetic industry must prepare for scale

Enhancing viral vector production

New viral feed solution announced


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