Automated protein footprinting

GenNext Technologies has anounced the release of the AutoFox protein footprinting system, an innovation in protein HOS research.

With the launch of the new AutoFox system, GenNext aims to empower structural biology researchers to perform fully automated hydroxyl radical protein footprinting (HRPF) without the need for expensive, complicated and hazardous lasers. Plus, the FoxWare software eradicates data processing bottlenecks with this powerful program tailored to meet the demands of HOS analysis.

Its makers believe the AutoFox to be the only fully automated radical protein footprinting instrument. It enables hands-free, high-throughput and reproducible protein footprinting leveraging two key innovations available in the latest GenNext system. A plug-and-play opto-fluidic chip is the first innovation; a compact, plug-and-play micro-fluidic chip provides on-board reagent mixing, flash photolysis, and radical dosimetry measurements, obviating the use of fragile fused-silica capillaries. The second innovation is a fully automated, 96-well microplate: this offers hands-free, high-throughput capacity for easy workflow integration. Label up to 48 different samples in 30 seconds, all at the push of a button.

For the first time, researchers can harness the power of fully automated, chip-based HRPF.

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