Engineered antibodies

Creative Biolabs has introduced engineered antibody products that aim to help progress biomedical research, bringing in new opportunities for therapeutic breakthroughs, diagnostics, and disease mechanism elucidation.

The engineered antibodies are meticulously designed and customised to meet the changing needs of researchers worldwide. They are prepared using the latest recombinant DNA technologies and possess exclusive specificity, affinity, and functionality, providing solutions to a variety of scientific disciplines.

Key features include the precision engineering element: users can adopt innovative antibody engineering modification techniques, such as intact antibody designs (e.g., humanisation, de-immunisation, affinity maturation, Fc silenced, and ADCC and CDC enhanced), fragment designs (e.g., Fab, scFv, and single V-type domains), multivalent designs (e.g., diabody, triabody, and tetrabody), engineering multiple specificity (e.g., bsAbs),  and optimisation of fragment targeting.

Increased versatility is another advantage. Creative Biolabs' engineered antibodies are precisely customised to satisfy a wide range of research needs. For example, intact antibody molecules can be reduced in size, rebuilt into multivalent molecules, and fused with diverse payloads, such as radionuclides, drugs, toxins, enzymes, liposomes, viruses, and vaccine-inducing epitopes. Researchers can dig into uncharted regions of exploration using these adaptable reagents.

In addition to the product repertoire (antibodies, proteins, MHC tetramers, etc.), Creative Biolabs offers custom-made antibody discovery projects. From epitope mapping through antibody humanization, the specialists are devoted to working with clients to achieve their specific research goals.

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