Automation platform launched in Europe

GC biotech, distributor of laboratory automation products, has announced a new distribution agreement with Genie Life Sciences, an American biotech startup providing lab automation through software and robotics. Under the terms of the deal, GC biotech has received exclusive rights to distribute, service and support Genie’s products in almost every European country.

The partnership will allow GC biotech to leverage Genie’s products as a lab automation solution for its customers. Genie’s automation platform includes the Genie LabMate, a next-generation smart liquid handling robot, and Genie LabOS, a cloud-based software that allows labs to operate several instruments through one platform. The platform can be used for various applications, including genomics, proteomics, drug discovery and screening, cell culture, and more.

“GC biotech is a natural choice for a distribution partner for our suite of automation products. We share a common vision for advancing life sciences through automation and providing the next generation of liquid handling technology,” said Paul Berning at Genie Life Sciences. “Through this partnership with GC biotech, we are excited for the opportunity to source our products to the European market.”

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