Microfluidic components case study

Biotech Fluidics is supplying key microfluidic and degassing components to BioNavis for its range of multi-parametric surface plasmon resonance (MP-SPR) instruments.

Surface Plasmon Resonance is the ‘go to’ technique for the measurement of molecular interactions in fluidics including serum, saliva, and organic solvents. SPR technology beneficially allows evaluation of affinity and kinetics of molecular binding reactions without the burdens of labelling as the technique is label-free. The BioNavis Navi range of advanced MP-SPR instruments provide superior features and performance, enabling both studies of surface interactions as well as nanolayer characterisation. Navi MP-SPR instruments are helping scientists with antibody characterisation through drug uptake routes, controlled drug release strategies, small molecule measurements, nanoparticle targeting up to drug internalisation by living cells.

Jussi Tuppurainen, technical director of BioNavis commented: “The key part of our MP-SPR fluidics systems are IDEX port selection valves supplied by Biotech Fluidics. These high-quality valves contribute to precise handling of samples, allowing researchers to control the timing, volume, and flow rate of injected liquids. This precision is vital for achieving reproducible results and minimizing variations in sample concentration. Additionally, the degasser system helps maintain sample integrity by preventing the introduction of air bubbles, which can disrupt measurements. Careful fluidic design and efficient degassing techniques eliminate bubbles and preserve the stability of the sample, ensuring reliable data.”

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