Novel process separates whey proteins into high-value ingredients

Natalya Clark discusses a novel way for the separation of α-lactalbumin and [g2]-lactoglobulin in whey.

Precise screening for pesticides, mycotoxins and veterinary drugs

High resolution and precise mass accuracy is a perfect combination for food and feed analysis in complex matrices. Markus Kellmann, Andreas Wieghaus, Helmut Muenster, Lester Taylor and Dipankar Ghosh report.

Chromatography: Clinical research and forensic toxicology screening

announced the introduction of a drug screening and confirmation solution for forensic toxicology based on its Thermo Scientific Exactive benchtop LC/MS () platform.

Bulmers installs bench top analyser for sugar testing

Chemistry analysis specialist HORIBA Medical has placed the first ABX Pentra 400 bench top chemistry analyser into the UK Cider industry at the Bulmers Cider Mill in Hereford.

New Solvent Recycling System

The Thermo Scientific SRS Pro Solvent Recycling System to re-uses valuable solvent in light of the global acetonitrile shortage.

Productivity and speed are key to chromatography and spectroscopy

This year's Pittcon exhibition highlights that users are demanding ever more productivity and speed from their chromatography and spectroscopy investments.

CycloGraph Centrifugal Chromatography System

The CycloGraph system is a centrifugally accelerated device for performing preparative chromatographic separations. The device spins a layer...

Absolute Size Exclusion Chromatography

Size Exclusion Chromatography is a common technique in biochemistry laboratories and routinely used for purification, identification, and quantification of protein mixtures.

Mass spectrometry developments

The latest developments in the mass spectrometry market are dominated by collaborations between suppliers. Applied Biosystems has announced...

Getting more out of Mass Spec

Large mass spectral data bases containing several hundred thousand spectra are commercially available. Most search algorithms rank the spectra found in a database.

Protective gas adds a new twist to extended shelf life of liquid food

The liquid food industry is offered a new concept for extended product shelf life and a new packaging solution that has proved successful in Europe, Russia and China.

Screening honey to keep it pure from antibiotic residues

No antibiotic residues are permitted in honey and in order to meet legislative requirements, industry, authorities and research laboratories need rapid and sensitive screening methods for the detection of drug residues. Terry McGrath...

Sensitive drug discovery

Dynamic light scattering (DLS) technologies are evolving as critical automated tools in drug discovery because it is non-invasive,...

Digital imaging system for thin-layer chromatography

Dr Matthias Loppacher looks at a solution especially dedicated to thin-layer chromatography image analysis.

LC/MS detection: powerful tool for organic compound analysis

Diab Elmashni outlines the advantages of liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry detection.

Breakthrough in TLC chromatogram development

Dr Matthias Loppacher looks at a thin-layer chromatography solution to control environmental factors to a level where reproducible and standardised results can be achieved.

Analysts increasingly turn to gel permeation chromatography

Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) measures the molecular weight distribution of polymers.

Manufacturers show increasing concern for our wellbeing

While the main interest of the food ingredient industry is, naturally, in improving their businesses, there is a great social benefit in a population that looks after its own general health, which must take a considerable workload off its...

"Focus on food poisoning, seed selection, diet and productivity"

In the UK, scientists are using the beneficial bacteria known as probiotics to destroy food poisoning bacteria in poultry before it enters the food chain.

Mass spectrometry efficiency rises

A new software package that raises the efficiency of mass spectrometry is now available from Autoscribe.




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