High-resolution microflowmeter

Testa Analytical Solutions has launched the AB-40004 microflowmeter (µFlowmeter) - a non-invasive device designed to provide continuous high precision measurement of low volume liquid flows.

Optimised to operate over the flow range 0.001 to 80 µL/minute, with a high resolution of 1nl / minute, the µFlowmeter is the perfect tool for precise measurement of low flow rates ensuring the reliability of quantitative HPL /mass spectrometry (LC/MS) measurements.
Compact in size, and conveniently powered via a USB connection, the µFlowmeter is fully compatible with all organic and aqueous chromatography solvents. The affordably price device includes an easy-to-use PC based app that allows continuous recording and storage of the measured flow rates. The current flow rate is also displayed on the µFlowmeter’s integral high-resolution OLED display, allowing easy control of current flow value. The software app will also report average and minimum/maximum values of the measured flow. All flow data is automatically stored in files that can be processed later using almost any commercial data analysis package.
The new product uses a thermal flow sensor that is extremely accurate, sensitive and high-resolution, as well as non-invasive. As the sensor does not interfere with the measurement it can operate over a wide dynamic range and has been demonstrated to be the ideal real-time flow monitoring tool for a growing range of liquid chromatography applications.


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