Speedy spectrometer

Scion Instruments has launched the 8900 TQ-MS. This is the company's fastest GC-triple quadrupole mass spectrometer. It combines fast scan rates, improved MRM speed and high sensitivity at full speed.

The new product delivers what the cokpany believes to be the fastest scan rates (30,000 Da/s) of comparable systems. Coupled to low dwell times of 0.5ms, the 8900 TQ GC-MS allows users to capture more data in their analysis. With improved MRM speed (1,000 MRM/s) it boosts data capture significantly. Included is a high-performance turbo pump for rapid time to vacuum and worry-free operation.

“I’m excited that after we have launched our new GC, we now are launching our Triple Quad MS," said CEO Khalid Tafrasti. “This advanced technology supports our vision of being at the top of the chromatography manufacturers. Our goal is to serve our customers with the latest and most robust technology out there. This will enable us to move deeper into the chromatography market. By the introduction of the Triple Quad MS, it allows our customers to have access to innovative technology that addresses today’s analytical gaps.”

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