Multi-dimensional gas chromatograph

The key hardware component of the MDGC system is a capillary-optimized pressure switching device that directs flow from the first column...

Nano-ruler sets small marks

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has issued a new ruler, and even for an organisation that routinely deals in superlatives, it sets some records.

Portable and precise gas sensor

A team of Princeton and Rice University researchers has demonstrated a new method of identifying nitric oxide using lasers and sensors that are inexpensive, compact and highly sensitive.

Analytical Lab Septa Pawling Scientific Products

New material options, improved designs, and unique processing methods are used to improve product quality and process efficiency in the lab.

Reactivity of environmental contaminants

Scientists can now pinpoint, at the millisecond level, what happens as harmful environmental contaminants such as arsenic begin to react with soil and water under various conditions.

High-res view of zinc transport protein

How much difference can a tenth of a nanometre make? When it comes to figuring out how proteins work, an improvement in resolution of that miniscule amount can mean the difference between seeing where atoms are and understanding how they...

Syft Technologies

Syft Technologies has the ideal analytical tool - the Voice200, delivering a well-established, but newly available, technique called Selected Ion Flow Tube - Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS).

New microchip technology

Instead of handling a few experiments on a bench top, scientists may simply pop a microchip into a computer and instantly run thousands of chemical reactions, with results.

Protein structures revealed at record pace

Scientists have developed a fast and efficient way to determine the structure of proteins, shortening a process that often takes years into...

LincRNAs serve as genetic controllers

A recent study shows that lincRNAs - once dismissed as 'genomic junk' - have a global role in genome regulation, ferrying proteins to assist their regulation at specific regions of the genome.

ITQ 700 GC-Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer

Combining the low detection levels achievable with ITQ 700 GC-ion trap mass spectrometer with a QuEChERS sample preparation method allows laboratory scientists to greatly enhance sample throughput without sacrificing levels of detection.

Enlisting DNA to help form nanotubes

A team of researchers has reported a breakthrough in the quest to produce carbon nanotubes that are suitable for use in electronics, medicine and other applications.

Medicine: Oils offer health benefits to women

A study comparing how two common dietary oil supplements affect body composition suggests that both oils, by themselves, can lower body fat...

Lab Equipment: LC Technology increases productivity

Thermo Fisher Scientific announced the expansion of its quaternary solvent delivery systems with the release of the Accela 600 HPLC and Accela 1000 U-HPLC.

Biotechnology hits with protein snapshot

Researchers have used nuclear magnetic resonance methods to determine the structure of the largest membrane-spanning protein to date.

Medical urine test for appendicitis?

Emergency medicine physicians and scientists demonstrate that a protein detectable in urine might serve as a biomarker for appendicitis.

New mass spectrometric method

Researchers have developed a new method to quickly and reliably detect metabolites, such as sugars, fatty acids, amino acids and other organic substances from plant or animal tissue samples.

Cannabis alters human DNA, genetics

A new study published by University of Leicester researchers has found "convincing evidence" that cannabis smoke damages DNA in ways that...

3-D structure of key nuclear pore block

In new research, scientists have for the first time glimpsed in three dimensions an entire subcomplex of the nuclear pore complex, an innovation fundamental to the development of nearly all multicellular life on earth.

Cohesin jigsaw begins to fit

The essential chromosomal protein complex cohesin has crucial roles in sister chromatid cohesion, DNA repair and transcriptional regulation.




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