Innovative new hydrogel

AMS Bio has introduced MatriMix – a new 3D culture substrate. This pioneering hydrogel aims to set a new benchmark in the field, containing fully defined components, including medical-grade collagens, laminin-511 E8 fragments, and hyaluronic acid. The high lot-to-lot consistency enables researchers to obtain highly reproducible results.

MatriMix overcomes the limitations of current 3D substrates, enabling cutting-edge applications such as organoid formation using adult patient-derived cells and iPSC culture. It also demonstrates exceptional performance in in vivo animal PDX models.

Designed as a three-tube formulation kit, the new solution offers excellent flexibility. Researchers can adjust the types and concentrations of the individual components, creating the optimal extracellular environment for their specific target cells. This feature opens up new possibilities for culturing a wide range of tissue types.

MatriMix's ability to facilitate excellent cell organisation and accurately replicate in vivo conditions makes it the ideal solution for culturing difficult to grow cell types and drug screening. It also contains medical-grade porcine collagens, streamlining the transition from basic to clinical research.

Extensive validation studies have confirmed the versatility of this hydrogel with a wide range of cell types, successfully demonstrating the reproducible induction of organoids from various organ types, including kidney, liver, intestine and many more.

Moreover, MatriMix offers practical advantages compared with other 3D substrates. Supplied as a liquid at 4⁰C, it eliminates the need for costly dry ice shipping. Once incubated at physiological temperature (37⁰C), it transitions to a clear gel that offers superior visualisation possibilities.

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