Inline degasser introduced

Biotech Fluidics has launched Degasi Prep+, an in-line membrane degasser ready to use at 150mL/minute with aggressive media and organic solvents.

Traditionally, efficient degasification of high throughput liquid applications including process chromatography, dissolution testing, clinical chemistry and dispensing has been a tough challenge. Until now, that is. Employing a superior Systec DST vacuum pump, and Systec AF membrane technology, the Degasi Prep+ is able to reliably provide effective degasification at ultra-high flow rates.

With this device, users can efficiently remove dissolved gases and even bubbles from organic solvents or aggressive aqueous solutions at liquid flow rates of up to 150mL/minute. The product is offered as a standalone unit in configurations operating from 1 to 4 channels of high throughput degassing. Special versions can be provided with an additional semi-preparative chamber.

If users need to optimise results from a sensitive life science manufacturing process, maintain the operating precision of a process chromatograph or perform critical dissolution testing then the new Degasi Prep+ eliminates problems with dissolved gases.


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