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Press force and gap improving dry granulation

Press force and the gap between the press rollers are the main drivers in dry granulation

Approaches to acrylamide analysis

Landon Wiest introduces a new approach for analysing acrylamide in food

Benefits and challenges of lab automation

Todd Graham presents the benefits and challenges of lab automation

When AI meets microscopy

Mike Woerdemann explains how deep learning overcomes many common microscopy challenges

Vial sampling kits

New convenience kits for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) testing

Knighthood for Covid-19 key responder

Professor David Stuart awarded Knighthood for his pivotal role in establishing effective therapeutics to manage SARS-CoV2

Coronavirus: a tale of two conditions

Steve Walton explores why some Covid-19 patients are experiencing two stages of the condition

Paperless solution for VMIC

Lonza’s tool to be Implemented at the UK’s new vaccines manufacturing centre

A coronavirus toolset

Dr Yuning Chen reveals how a life sciences expert has responded to the current Covid-19 pandemic by developing a series of active reagents

Preventing tablet capping

Robert Sedlock describes the cause of tablet capping during production and reveals how to prevent it from occurring

New-gen mass spec system

High-precision isotope ratio mass spectrometry system introduced

Miniature spectrometers and grain production

Janel Kane reports on a novel deployment of miniature spectrometers for grain protein concentration sensing

Benefits and challenges of automated sample preparation

Stefan Gafner introduces the latest technology for the automated sample preparation of solids

Applications of super-resolution microscopy

Lauren Gagnon describes how single-molecule localisation microscopy is advancing research across biological fields

New fluorescence microscope

Long-term volumetric imaging at subcellular resolution with a minimum of light exposure

Reusable microplate

eNuvio launches completely reusable 3D cell culture microplate

Covid-19 antibody test kit

New Covid-SeroKlir SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibody test kit from EKF

Advances in microplate technology

Latest solutions to be showcased at at SLAS 2021 event

Better qPCR pipetting

How electronic pipettes are making qPCR plate preparation a straightforward process

New RNA depletion solutions

New England Biolabs (NEB) has announced further expansion of its RNA depletion product portfolio


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