Automated imaging technology

Neu-tec Group in North America has announced its new distribution partnership with the Denmark-based Biosense Solutions. The oCelloscope technology is a live-cell imaging system for sensitive and detailed monitoring of biological growth and development. It tracks the growth of microorganisms in multi-well plates by combining microscopic imaging with automated time lapse photography.

With +80 US/EU peer reviewed publications, the oCelloScope is a one-of-a-kind workhorse in many microbial applications. In AST, the bacterial mode is used by public and private to develop new life saving antibiotics. "All optical screening results were consistent with results from conventional susceptibility tests and were available in 4 hours. This decreased the time required to determine antimicrobial susceptibility profiles by 75 to 80%, as conventional testing by BMD requires sufficient visible growth for interpretation of results and has been standardized by CLSI as a 16- to 20-h incubation time for B. anthracis." McLaughlin, H.P et al., US CDC.

"In 2022 new deep learning modules were developed for fungal spores, enabling fast screenings of new biologicals and quantification of spore viability. These new modules are helping the transition from chemicals to biologicals in agriculture," says Søren Busch CEO of BioSense Solutions, and adds that "The system is ideal for research into antibiotic resistant pathogens, anti-fungal treatment modes of action, anti-microbial treatments impact on spore germination, and how storage conditions promote or inhibit microbial growth."

"This new partnership introduces a great addition to our current imaging and colony counting technologies, implemented successfully in research and development and microbiology labs throughout the country," states Ronen Neutra, president of Neutec Group.

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