Studying protein folding

A new technique to study protein dynamics in living cells has been created and evidence yielded from the new method indicates that an in...

Simplex Isolation Systems

Simplex products - cleanrooms, softwalls, strip doors, aluminium framing, hardware and more - are designed as modular units for easy...

Antiviral that fights multitude of viruses

One potential weapon against viruses is a small-molecule broad spectrum antiviral that will fight a host of viruses by attacking them through some feature common to an entire class of viruses.

Automated filling and capping systems for clinical trial facility

A novel vial filler and capping unit installed at a bio-therapeutic product manufacturing plant has done away with cleaning validation and cross-contamination at the same time as simplifying product changeover. Sean Ottewell reports.

Planning a double-door autoclave for clean rooms

In the majority of cases double-door autoclaves can generally be considered to be a bespoke design. Terry Ashenden looks at planning.

No spout required with new aseptic technology

New patented aseptic filling technology from JBT FoodTech is specifically designed to fill pouches without the need for a spout.

Fighting Ug99 and other wheat rusts

Wheat experts from 26 countries warn that rapidly-moving, wind-borne transboundary wheat diseases continue to threaten food security and wheat genetic diversity worldwide as they vowed new action to isolate and interrupt the steady march of...

Tools to study porcine circovirus associated diseases

Porcine circovirus associated diseases cost pig producers around the world hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

Lab equipment: High capacity freeze drying

Designed for R&D and light manufacturing applications such as tissue banking, ceramics processing, lyophilisation of microtitre plates and diagnostic reagents, the Ultra delivers high efficiency at a low operating cost.

Lab Equipment: General purpose centrifuges

Combining a maximum capacity of 4 x 400 ml with a compact design for optimizing workspace, Thermo Scientific Heraeus centrifuges feature multilingual user interfaces and control technology to maximize run performance and reproducibility.

Highly stable air sampling lab equipment

Manufactured from stainless steel, the SAS stand is quickly and easily attached to any portable SAS sampler.

Efficient Cell Culturing

INTEGRA Biosciences AG has introduced a new Liquid Handling Set that significantly aids scientists in keeping their cell culture work...

New possibilities for measurement

The future of molecular analysis lies in speed, accuracy, and ease-of-use of microsample technologies. Philippe Desjardins reports.

Dispensers for cleanrooms

With hygiene at the forefront of the demanding needs within cleanroom and laboratory environments, Teknomek has designed a range of dispensers.

How smallpox may derails immunity

Researchers have learned more about how smallpox conducts its deadly business - discoveries that may reveal as much about the human immune system as they do about one of the world's most feared pathogens.

Swine flu outbreak threatens pandemic

The 2009 swine flu outbreak is the spread of a new strain of H1N1 influenza virus that began in March of 2009.

Minimising the spread of deadly Hendra virus

Groundbreaking CSIRO research into how the deadly Hendra virus spreads promises to save the lives of both horses and humans in the future.

New non-antibiotic drugs

Lack of an adequate amount of the mineral phosphate can turn a common bacterium into a killer, according to research soon to be published.

Micorbial resistance battle continues

The innate ability of microbes to evade containment and destruction by drugs through rapid reproduction and genetic mutation is exacerbated by the overuse and misuse of existing antimicrobial drugs.

Events in lupus

Systemic lupus erythematosus, commonly known as lupus, can affect nearly any part of the body, including the joints, skin, kidneys, heart, nervous system, and brain.



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