High pressure atomisation product line extended

Manufacturer of humidification control, evaporative cooling, and water treatment products, DriSteem, has expanded its Adiatec high-pressure atomisation system offering.  

The latest enhancements to the Adiatec high-pressure atomisation product line mean the system can be used in countries with 50Hz power supplies.

Additionally, the product has been certified to CE standards for use in European countries. The product has also undergone vigorous third-party testing to be certified for VDI 6022 part 1 and part 2. 

"These changes are driven by the market demand for sustainable, economic, and hygienic humidification and adiabatic cooling solutions," said Ryan Reimer, Senior Product Manager at DriSteem. "Adiabatic systems lack a boiling step to eliminate bacteria; however, we can mitigate some of those risks through good design. The VDI 6022 certification is a testament to that." 
Other features such as the slide-out redundant schemes and vapor-logic controller have been retained. 

DriSteem' s products are aimed at commercial and industrial applications in a range of sectors including health care, data centres, and other facilities requiring precise control. 

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